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Alyssa Mercante’s "Fight Me" Challenge Backfires Into Yet Another L

The Internet Calls Her Out on Empty Threats, Remains Undefeated

Alyssa Mercante recently found herself in the center of the public's eye (yet again) after issuing a challenge to the internet, claiming she was ready to fight anyone who dared to accept. Her tough talk, however, has now been exposed as hollow bravado, with people—especially women—stepping forward to take her up on the offer, only to be met with a flurry of excuses. You love to see it.

The most notable challenger has been Vara Dark, a prominent figure in the gaming community who has covered this story from its inception. Vara, determined to call Alyssa's bluff, issued a public challenge.

However, due to being preemptively blocked by Alyssa on Twitter without any prior interaction, Vara had to rely on her fans to relay the message. On Twitter, Vara responded to Alyssa's "Fight me" with:

"👋 Can’t hit up this little bitch whose hiding behind a block so send me a DM and let’s talk match detail."


She can sit and talk shit behind the block but I’m not conversing through screenshots because some little bitch can’t take criticism or act like an adult. Thanks for everything, Alyssa. My offer stands. 👍

Instead of accepting the challenge, Alyssa responded dismissively, saying,

"Girly pop have you seen me? I don't even need to train!"

Vara countered with a detailed response:

"Okay, so you have a venue picked out? Do you have sponsors ready to go? The only connections you’ve got are to irrelevant websites and activists who sit on their asses all day saying 'words are mean.' Hit me up when you’re done tweeting about mean YouTubers and have grown a backbone."

Alyssa's attempt to change the narrative by posting DMs only backfired further:

Vara responded by highlighting Alyssa's attempts to backtrack:

I was totally interested in a live-streamed, sanctioned match but now she’s just devolved into threatening me with an illegal street fight. That’s mentally deranged behavior… Reminds me of a certain group of people out there… Antifa.
Seek help, girliepop. #EndKotaku

Vara continued:

"You already tried to change the terms though to get out of it? So I just should just trust you? HA.
No shot you expect someone else to do all the preparation when you’re the one who went on the unhinged rant in the first place.
I would REQUIRE streaming it to my channel, as it is an event I am affiliated with. I want my 'bigot viewers' to see everything that happens.
Prize money can go to the charity chosen by the winning side.
I would also require what was said in my first post: the loser has to put an apology on their main platform.
Maybe even a live debate on your standpoint on the gaming industry? 💀
At the end of the day, Alyssa, you’re desperate for relevancy. If you think fighting YouTubers is going to change your image with gamers, you should be prepared for a losing battle. You just look like an idiot."

As the situation escalated, Keemstar got involved, offering to help set up the fight.

Alyssa's response was dismissive:

"Not giving you any money, thanks!"

Keemstar clarified that he wouldn't make money off the fight, but Alyssa continued to dodge the challenge. Vara ended the conversation by screen-capping Keem's statement and commenting:

"Well. Guess it’s not happening. Fun while it lasted, Alyssa."

This exchange has laid bare Alyssa's posturing, showing her as a professional poser, all bark and no bite. Her empty threats have been called out not only by Vara Dark but also by others, including Mara Jade, a gamer with substantial fight training and military experience. Classic. Unsurprisingly, Alyssa did not respond to these more serious challengers, as it would have further shattered her already pathetically weak narrative.

Alyssa's five minutes of fame are rapidly expiring, leaving her credibility in tatters. Her attempt to seem tough has only highlighted her reluctance to back up her words with action, proving once again that actions speak louder than tweets.


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Alyssa is nothing more than a foul-mouthed little brat whom obviously wasn't disciplined properly as a kid and so she is getting away with so much crap because she's never known any sort of consequencies and maybe it is time she did


I would of honestly loved to see Vara kick the living shit out Alyssa and make her cry like a little bitch 😈



She already is playing victim with "threats" she is getting as predicted not like anybody else gets threats online

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