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Alyssa Mercante Targets Vara Dark

Updated: Jul 6

In the (nowadays) often heated arena of video game 'journalism' personalities, Alyssa Mercante once again finds herself at the center of controversy. This time, she's set her sights on fellow YouTuber Vara Dark, a rapidly rising (and widely respected) content creator.

The situation has escalated further and now sheds light on the darker aspects of people like Alyssa with their social media interactions within the gaming community.

Vara, known for her well-articulated critiques and coverage of the happenings in the entertainment space on her YouTube channel, seemed to have struck a nerve with Mercante. The confrontation initially began back when Vara accepted a challenge to 'fight me' from Mercante, which Alyssa backed out from as soon as the situation became real. But the retreat didn't mark the end of hostilities...

It begins innocent enough with what I'd call some playful banter by Alyssa...

But the situation escalated as Alyssa continued DMing... According to Vara, Alyssa has continued to engage in what could only be described as targeted harassment, culminating in threats made via direct messages. These messages, which Vara has shared publicly, reveal the tense and troubling exchanges between the two.

One particular message from Mercante read:

"All I want is for you to keep my name out of your mouth and off social media :) I think it would be a smart move for you."

This message, veiled as advice, carries an ominous tone, suggesting potential repercussions should Vara continue to spotlight Alyssa's actions.

The decision by Vara to make these exchanges public clearly wasn't meant to incite more aggression, but to highlight the unacceptable nature of Alyssa's threats over criticism.

In her professional response to the situation on Twitter, Vara stated:

"While criticism is fine, threats are not cool. That was the point of posting this. I don’t want anyone sending any her way. I do not like her, and she doesn’t like me but let’s not stoop to such a low level. 👍"

Her statement not only reflects a mature approach to handling online disputes, but also a call to her followers to maintain civility, despite the continued provocations. Vara follows the tweet up with informing Alyssa that she has little to do with the attention Vara has received over the years:

Alyssa Mercante is a Senior Editor at Kotaku, a once major player in the gaming journalism sphere (and my, how the mighty have fallen). Her association raises questions about the standards and values upheld by the publication, especially considering the nature of Mercante's behavior as described by Vara.

It casts a shadow not just on Mercante but also on Kotaku, suggesting a possible tolerance for contentious or even harmful behavior among its ranks. In short, it's abhorrent...

This latest incident between Alyssa Mercante and Vara Dark is a good reminder of the complex dynamics that influencers navigate in the public eye. Alyssa Mercante has proven herself to be incapable of logical conversations and level-headed behavior.

It underscores the need for professionalism and restraint in digital interactions and once again calls into question the responsibilities of employers like Kotaku in the media industry to foster environments that reject harassment and encourage respectful discourse.


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Wow, It seems that Alyssa just can't stop herself from targeting gamers,even though most of the time her threats are just pitifull/ Weak little snarky comments because she can no longer scare any one with her Fake threats because we've all seen her fail with SmashJT, Kabrutus and others ! Does she really think that she's gonna really fool any one with her Pathetic act ? Not a chance in hell 🤠 I wish Vara luck in dishing out the verbal beat down on Alyssa because the stupid Whore/Tart deserves it !!


The above stillframe from the video perfectly encapsulates everything I’ve seen from Alyssa.

Smarmy, smug, self-obsessed garbage.


I don't want to be that individual with reductions but can you tell me why vara looks like someone you would present to your peers while alyssa looks and has the attitude of someone who came out of an overnight stay in a dixi at a technofest?

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