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Arcade 1Up Bringing Marvel Arcades To Your Home

Arcade 1Up has carved quite a niche for itself as a company providing real arcade experiences in the comfort of your own home. Today, Arcade 1Up has announced it is adding the Marvel arcade compilation to it's line of miniature home arcade machines.

Retailing for $399 and limited to a run of 8,000 arcade machines, this compilation will include 3 classic Capcom hits: - Marvel Superheroes - X-men Children of Atom

- The Punisher

Arcade1Up has opened pre-sales for a special edition of Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes home arcade machine in celebration of the 80th anniversary of Marvel Entertainment. 

Arcade1Up machines stand at just under 4 feet tall, each housing different classic arcade games. The machine comes with an immersive full-color hi-resolution 17" display and dual speakers, combined with real feel joysticks and buttons configurations that you remember from the arcade. The machine is easy to assemble, is coin-less operation and includes a clear protective deck cover.

Arcade1Up’s Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes Home Arcade Game (Limited Edition) features exclusive artwork, a light-up marquee, included 12” riser and Sanwa buttons and joysticks. There are only 8,000 cabinets available, and only through

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