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Billy Mitchell Gets Humiliated, Community Noted, Privates His Twitter Account

Do you think, deep down, a sick, twisted part of this egotistical narcissist actually loves the fact people are talking about him to keep his name relevant? Even when he loses, his brain tells him he's winning...

Billy Mitchell, a figure notorious for his controversial standings in the world of competitive gaming, has faced another setback. This time, it's not about high scores or arcade games, but about his own words on Twitter. A community note has been attached to one of Mitchell's tweets, clarifying his misleading statement regarding his settlement with Twin Galaxies.

Community Notes FTW

The community note is epic AF:

"Twin Galaxies has only reinstated Mitchell's scores on an archived leaderboard, where rules were different prior to TG being acquired in 2014. His score remains removed from the current leaderboard where he continues to be ineligible by today's rules."

It also provides links to sources showcasing the facts. The note sheds light on the real truthful outcome of the settlement, countering Mitchell's narrative that may have suggested a full reinstatement to Twin Galaxies' current leaderboards... Which was absolutely NOT the case.

Mitchell's Reaction? Going Private on His Twitter

Following this community annotation, Mitchell took a loud step that speaks volumes about his current standing in the gaming community – he privated his Twitter account. Hahaha... as Karl Jobst would say - What a pathetic bitch.

This move is seen as an inability to confront the truth head-on. It reveals the character of Billy Mitchell to everyone watching. It's an acknowledgment that the narrative he's been trying to push doesn't align with the facts... and he just can't handle it.

A Pattern of Controversies

For those familiar with Billy Mitchell's history, this incident is not an isolated one. It's part of a long series of controversies that have marred his reputation. From the disputed Donkey Kong scores that led to his initial ban from Twin Galaxies to various legal battles and public disputes, Mitchell's career has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows, often shadowed by questions about his credibility and the legitimacy of his achievements. The King of Kong was an awesome movie, as long as it's viewed as a work of fiction instead of a documentary.

The Bigger Picture: The Truth Always Prevails

This latest episode in Billy Mitchell's saga serves as a reminder of a broader truth in the gaming community (and beyond): the truth is resilient. Despite attempts to bend narratives or reinterpret facts, the gaming community's collective effort to maintain integrity and honesty in record-keeping and leaderboards stands strong. Community notes on platforms like Twitter are a testament to this ongoing commitment to truth... and to be honest, you love to see it.

A Lesson in Accountability

Mitchell's decision to go private on Twitter following the community note may be seen as an attempt to evade public scrutiny... But it also underscores the power of community-led platforms in enforcing accountability. As the gaming community continues to apply pressure on Billy for him to admit what we all already know, the importance of truthful representation and acknowledgment of facts remains paramount. In this age of information, where the line between truth and fabrication can be hard to decipher, the gaming community's stance is clear – integrity still matters, and the truth cannot be hidden forever.


Special thanks to HumbleDad on Twitter for the heads-up on the community note.

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