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Black Myth: Wukong SLANDERED By DEI Woke Agenda

The Controversy of Black Myth: Wukong—A Closer Look at Game Science's Alleged "Sexism"

The upcoming release of Black Myth: Wukong has captured the attention of the global gaming community, promising to set a new standard for action RPGs. I gotta be honest - it looks absurdly incredible… and before this terrible IGN hit piece came out I hadn’t heard about it so… thanks, IGN? Though this article about it originally came out in 2023, the release date for the game is slated for Aug 19, 2024.

Developed by Chinese indie studio Game Science, the game is heralded for its impressive visuals and ambitious scope. However, the studio's rise to fame is attempting to be overshadowed by a series of controversies concerning alleged sexism and inappropriate behavior by its key figures.

An investigative hit piece by IGN reporters Rebekah Valentine and Khee Hoon Chan dives deep into these “issues”, and I use that term extremely loosely… trying to paint a picture of a company struggling with its internal culture, even as it gains international acclaim.

Game Science's …Troubled Past?

Game Science, formed by former Tencent Games employees, initially gained notoriety for their mobile games before pivoting to develop Black Myth: Wukong. Yet, beneath the surface of this seemingly successful transition lie troubling accusations. The company has been criticized for numerous public statements and internal policies that reflect a deeply ingrained “sexist” attitude. Notably, Feng Ji, a co-founder, has made several public comments filled with sexual innuendos, and according to modern feminists, this is a big no-no!

Don't Want To Play Ball With DEI? The Slander Begins…

IGN's article highlights various instances from Game Science's past that suggest a pattern of behavior that feminists find offensive.

These range from Feng Ji's controversial Weibo posts to problematic recruitment posters that “sexualize” women… because heaven forbid gamers fantasize.

They also mention how lead artist Yang Qi made statements on social media that starkly differentiate games designed for men from those for women, using stereotypically gendered language and concepts. You have to remember though, as much as feminists want equality in the west, they fail to discuss biological differences and even define what a women is, so… trying to push a broken agenda to China is enough to do an entire stand up routine for laughs at a comedy club.

Industry and Cultural Context

The issues they brought up at Game Science are not isolated, but part of a broader context within China where sexism in the tech and gaming industries is reportedly “rampant”. Despite a growing feminist movement in the country, the government has often suppressed discussions and actions that could lead to significant change. They also fail to give hard examples of anything beyond surface level accusations. Ohhh their logo resembles semen!! The horror!

This environment created by confused feminists complicates the scenario for Game Science, which now must navigate both local cultural norms and the expectations of a global audience that increasingly values inclusivity and respect in gaming because of the DEI agenda.

And look, I’m not here to berate women. Quite the opposite. I’d argue massive strides have been made in the modern era in the United States especially for women, but at what cost? The idea of a nuclear family is constantly under attack, women feeling they don’t need men in their life, and constant complaining for justification of DEI jobs in the industry has to make some people wonder…. The woke mind virus is a real thing, and the longer it takes for folks to acknowledge it, the worse it’s going to get.

As I’ve stated before though, the tide is slowly turning, and a hint of “normalcy” to life is peeking out.

Community Reactions and Corporate Responsibility

The backlash against Game Science's alleged sexism has been significant from IGN, and according to them and their biased article, particularly among female gamers who feel alienated by the company's rhetoric.

This has sparked debates about the responsibility of game developers to create inclusive environments from journalists, but the reality is far more sinister...

Critics from DEI firms and journos alike argue that Game Science's focus on defending or dismissing their actions rather than addressing the concerns may hurt their reputation and sales internationally, while I’d argue this feels more along the lines of how games journalism treated Hogwarts Legacy because they don’t like J K Rowling… the game still sold like hotcakes, much to the dismay of feminist activists. The reality is, it's all about DEI. Follow the dollar, as Grummz explains in his Twitter post, this is all part of a 7 million dollar extortion campaign to hold companies like Game Science hostage to DEI inclusion. When they don't get their way, the attacks come out from the mafia journos:

According to a post by the Game Science team, "Black Myth: Wukong" has faced persistent sexist attacks and slander since their first promotional video because they have consistently refused to adhere to political correctness guidance and rejected demands for millions of dollars in guidance fees from these teams. Such teams, common in Europe and America, have influenced games like "Assassin's Creed," "Dying Light 2 Stay Human," and "God of War" by pushing for politically correct female protagonists. Game Science, the team behind "Black Myth: Wukong," refused to communicate with these groups or pay their exorbitant $7 million fees, leading to attacks and slander. Criticisms often cite the team's lack of diversity or representation, which doesn't meet political correctness standards. An example mentioned is an article by an IGN writer criticizing "Hogwarts Legacy" and refusing to promote it due to its alleged lack of political correctness.

Looking Ahead

As Black Myth: Wukong nears its release, the gaming world watches closely to see how Game Science will handle the growing scrutiny.

Will the studio take definitive steps to address the controversies, or will they continue on their current path, potentially risking alienation of a significant portion of their audience?

It looks like they will stay on course, not being deterred by western journalist hit pieces, but time will tell. The decisions made now could set precedents for how “sexism” is handled in the gaming industry, particularly in markets with differing cultural dynamics like China.

While Black Myth: Wukong looks set to be a milestone in gaming technology and storytelling, the legacy of Game Science may be defined by how they address the allegations of sexism. For a game that promises to bring the rich tapestry of Chinese mythology to a global audience, the real-world narratives surrounding its developers are equally compelling and contentious. As the industry continues to evolve, the resolution of these issues will likely influence not only Game Science's future but also the standards for cultural sensitivity and inclusivity across the gaming world.

One thing’s for sure though: gamers are waking up to lies spun by fraud journos. Reaching the levels of reality that a few years ago we could have only dreamt of. They no longer control the narrative. No longer can gun-to-the-head a studio and enforce their pre-determined agendas.

This is a wake up call to all gamers, and I for one, am now pumped to check out Black Myth: Wukong!


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I'm indifferent where this game is concerned. I just wish "female gamers" would get it through their thick skulls that gaming is a GUY hobby. Doesn't mean the girls can't play, but it IS a medium that has for a long time catered overwhelmingly to men. If a game like this offends, there are any number of Style Savvy and Animal Crossing-like series to invest in. There's more than enough variety in 2024 to find SOMETHING that doesn't hurt your little feels.


Jun 15

Dude, Jeff, so happy with the amount of views on this video!! Heck yeah, keep growing!

Smash JT
Smash JT
Jun 15
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Thx so much!!!


This is still not proof. "According to a post by the Game Science team, "Black Myth: Wukong" has faced persistent sexist attacks and slander since their first promotional video because they have consistently refused to adhere to political correctness guidance and rejected demands for millions of dollars in guidance fees from these teams." Do I think journos still did something. YES! However, You're dealing with Chinese nationals that may be under the CCP's thumb that ensure that culture war BS is pumped 24/7 on TikTok. They know very well what's happening in America and the West right now with their entertainment.


I also wanted tp add here that Sweet baby Diarrhea might wanna be more careful with whom they try to extort money from because if they are choosing to try to play that kind of dangerous game with China,well I don't think they really wanna find out what will come their way,cause it ain't gonna be pretty

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I know Gamers & others are playing nice up to a point towards Consultancy companies like Sweet baby Stink & others,but they do have to be very careful with whom they cross because they may end up pissing off the wrong country or certain types of peoples whom won't think twice about total retaliation and it will come-mark my words.


Maybe what IGN should be doing is screening individuals before they hire them because clearly Rebekah Valentine is nothing more than a grifting activist posing as a journalist whom chooses to write utter trash articles because she's a Sweet baby Stink Ass-Kisser

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