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Capcom Town: Celebrating Four Decades of Gaming Excellence

Man, time does go by - doesn't it?

The legendary video game publisher Capcom has announced a digital celebration for its 40th anniversary in the form of a unique online destination called Capcom Town. This digital platform is set to launch June 12, 2023, just a day after the actual anniversary of Capcom's establishment on June 11, 1983.

According to the official announcement, Capcom Town is conceptualized as a digital space where fans across the globe can engage with the brand and its rich history. The site will feature a variety of content including a virtual museum, showcasing original artwork and development documents from some of Capcom's most popular series. This behind-the-scenes access to both early and latest installments of iconic franchises is sure to offer a fascinating journey for fans new and old.

In addition to the museum, Capcom Town will host a gaming corner where fans can revisit classic Capcom games such as Mega Man and Street Fighter II. This feature will allow visitors to not only appreciate the historical impact of these titles but also relive the joy and excitement they bring as they are playable titles!

Capcom Town: Celebrating Four Decades of Gaming Excellence
40 years ...Already?

As part of the 40th anniversary celebration, Capcom will also roll out various global-facing activities spanning across its diverse businesses. Among these initiatives is the production of an anniversary video, set to be released on social media, providing a retrospective look at Capcom's monumental contribution to the gaming industry over the past four decades.

The creation of Capcom Town perfectly embodies Capcom's corporate philosophy of being a Creator of Entertainment Culture that Stimulates Your Senses. Since its founding, Capcom has created several iconic and globally beloved franchises including Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter. Its influence extends beyond video games, making strides into other forms of entertainment including major Hollywood movies and esports.

With Capcom Town, Capcom continues its mission to deliver happiness and provide sources of comfort and strength through its content. The platform will be accessible in over 200 countries and regions, reinforcing Capcom's commitment to its global fanbase and honoring its motto "from Osaka, to the world".

As Capcom embarks on this milestone celebration, it remains evident that it will continue to shape and influence the gaming industry for many years to come. Capcom Town is not only a celebration of past accomplishments but also a testament to Capcom's enduring legacy and promising future in the world of gaming. Full details and press release are available here... Or just head straight to the page and see for yourself!

Pretty cool to see this happening and I'm definitely going to check it out!


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Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.
12 juin 2023

Cool concept, but nothing so far for Clock Tower (that I could find), so it loses a lot of points.

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