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Chris Houlihan and the Unsolved Mystery from The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past

Chris Houlihan and the Unsolved Mystery from The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past
The mysterious room with a mysterious name

Chris Houlihan's Unsolved Mystery from The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past

Video game history is peppered with a blend of intriguing narratives, technological feats, and curious anomalies. Among the most fascinating is the peculiar case of Chris Houlihan and the intricate web surrounding his appearance in the beloved classic, "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" (LTTP).

Who is Chris Houlihan?

If you scour the annals of video game forums or delve deep into Zelda fan discussions, you're likely to encounter a question that has mystified and intrigued many: "Who exactly is Chris Houlihan?" This enigma stems from a hidden room in LTTP displaying a rather ordinary statement: "My name is Chris Houlihan. This is my top secret room. Keep it between us, okay?"

However, when trying to uncover the origins or whereabouts of this mysterious figure, the trail runs cold. Was Chris a developer? A special fan? Why is his name there?

An Old Legend Revived

The tale of Chris Houlihan finds its roots in the early 90s. He was rumored to have been a contest winner, immortalized forever in a popular video game – a dream for countless children of that era.

Chris Houlihan and the Unsolved Mystery from The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past
Could this be the contest it stemmed from?

This contest, referred to as "The Warmech Challenge," was orchestrated by 'Nintendo Power' magazine and was connected to the game 'Final Fantasy.' To win, contestants had to capture a photo of a rare enemy within the game and mail it in. The prize? Their name would feature in a forthcoming Nintendo game.

Chris Houlihan and the Unsolved Mystery from The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past
A VERY rare find in Final Fantasy

Yet, the strange thing was that the winner, Chris, never emerged to acknowledge or talk about his supposed fame. Given the popularity of Nintendo Power and the widespread enthusiasm for such contests, this silence seemed a bit odd. Many speculated, "Where could he be now?"

The Search Begins

As the digital age dawned, the memory of Chris Houlihan's room resurfaced. Initially, knowledge of the room began to appear online around 2001, with various gaming forums and sites discussing and speculating about the mystery. As YouTube grew in prominence, numerous videos showcased the secret room and its elusive inscription.

The 'Chris Houlihan' search frenzy took off, with gaming enthusiasts attempting to track down any evidence of this individual. Did he change his name? Was he perhaps a girl named Christine? Or had tragedy struck, explaining his silence? Despite extensive searches, no tangible evidence of Chris ever materialized.

A Controversial Theory Emerges

Given the void of information, some came forward with an eyebrow-raising theory: Chris Houlihan didn't exist. Supporters of this idea argued that the odds of winning the Warmech Challenge were slim. With the difficulty of capturing the rare in-game image, a tight timeframe for submission, and the complications of 1990s film photography, it's proposed that nobody won the contest. As such, 'Chris Houlihan' was but a fabrication.

However, without any concrete evidence to prove or refute this claim, the theory remains one of many in the swirling vortex of the Chris Houlihan legend.

The Ongoing Legacy of Chris Houlihan

Regardless of the actual backstory or current whereabouts of Chris, the mystery has added another layer to the rich tapestry of video game history. While the secret room in Zelda 3 may appear inconsequential on the surface, the decades-long quest to uncover its origins speaks volumes about the passionate and dedicated community of gamers worldwide.

As for my perspective, drawing from the myriad of theories and speculations, the most probable—albeit slightly disheartening—conclusion might be that Chris Houlihan never truly existed. Instead, his name could have served as a placeholder, or perhaps even an in-joke within the development team at Nintendo. While this might strip away some of the romantic allure of a grand mystery, it underscores the idea that not every legend in the gaming world has a fantastical backstory. Sometimes, the mundane reality can prove just as intriguing as any grand tale.

For more info, watch this video that details a lot of the information I've laid out here. It would just be nice if Nintendo would put this to rest once and for all with the answer...


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I wouldn't hold my breath on Nintendo ever coming clean.

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