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Critical Glitch in 'Suicide Squad' Game Leads to Immediate Shutdown At Launch

Even More Warning Signs in 'Suicide Squad' Launch Debacle

I gotta be honest, right off the top here. A big part of me was hoping for the failure of this thing right out of the gate, due to the decision to make a single player experience require to be always online.

Looks like I got my wish...

In the gaming world, the release of a major title like Rocksteady Games' "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" is typically met with excitement and anticipation. However, when a publisher withholds review codes from the media until the game's release, it often raises eyebrows and concerns. This strategy, which was employed for the 'Suicide Squad' game, is typically seen as a red flag, indicating a lack of confidence in the game's quality or a desire to avoid early negative press.

The lack of early review codes is particularly concerning in this context. Reviews from credible sources help set expectations and provide critical feedback, ensuring that players are making informed decisions. By choosing not to distribute review codes, the publisher deprived both the media and the gaming community of the opportunity to identify and report on potential issues before the game’s wide release. This strategy not only undermines trust in the publisher but also potentially damages the game's reputation and sales.

The recent launch of 'Suicide Squad' has unfortunately affirmed these fears. Players who accessed the game early through its Digital Deluxe edition were met with a startling glitch: the game’s story mode was already marked as completed. This major bug forced Rocksteady Games to take the unprecedented step of pulling the game offline for several hours to fix the issue. This incident raises serious questions about the game's readiness and the publisher's decision-making process.

A single player experience that requires an online connection? Great. If this type of garbage is the future of gaming... I'll take a trip back to the past and stay there for good.

The glitch that plagued 'Suicide Squad' at launch highlights the perils of an always-online game model. Players around the world, like those in New Zealand who were among the first to access the game, found themselves unable to play due to a server-side issue. This has sparked a broader conversation about the necessity of offline modes in modern gaming, a feature that Rocksteady has promised but not yet delivered.

In an era where live-service games are becoming increasingly common, this incident serves as a reminder that this approach by the corporate big-whigs is just plain dumb.

It underscores the importance of thorough testing, transparency with the gaming community, and the provision of offline gameplay options. While Rocksteady supposedly has a plan to introduce new content and features, including the addition of The Joker in March, the damage to player trust may be harder to repair.

As it stands, many people in the gaming community await reviews and further updates on 'Suicide Squad'... But I gotta be honest, at this point, the launch has been so full of hiccups, that I'll just wait for it in the bargain bin. The backlog is strong, and many big hits are waiting to be played in the meantime. My initial excitement has been beyond destroyed by these launch issues, and the publisher's decision to withhold review codes seems, in hindsight, like a warning of the troubles to come.

The (currently) always-connected multiplayer shooter "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" is set to evolve beyond its online-only format. Rocksteady Studios has announced that the game, which initially appears as a live service offering, will be receiving an offline story mode, slated for release sometime following its 2024 launch. Via VGC:

“We’re happy to confirm we are planning to add an offline story mode that will give players the option to experience the main campaign without an internet connection”
“We’re planning to provide this update in 2024 and will provide more details when available.”

For future releases, both gamers and the industry would benefit from a more open and communicative approach, ensuring that such debacles are avoided and that player trust is maintained. But for now... Just stick to the backlog. There's plenty of other games that have earned your time.


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I honestly think it was for the best that this game DIED because it was Complete SHIT

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