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Donkey Kong LEGO is on the way!

LEGO and Nintendo have announced Four Donkey Kong Expansion Sets for a Summer Release

This summer, LEGO fans and video game enthusiasts alike will be excited to learn that The LEGO Group has unveiled plans to release four Donkey Kong-themed expansion sets. The new sets are scheduled for release on August 1 and include Donkey Kong's Tree House, Diddy Kong's Mine Cart Ride, Dixie Kong's Jungle Jam, and Rambi the Rhino.

The sets feature beloved characters such as Donkey Kong, Cranky Kong, Diddy Kong, Funky Kong, and Dixie Kong. Additionally, these sets and characters are compatible with the existing LEGO Mario, Luigi, and Peach figures, opening up even more opportunities for creative play.

Donkey Kong's Tree House Expansion Set, priced at $59.99 / €64.99 / £57.99, is a 555-piece set that includes Cranky Kong. This set allows players to ride on Donkey Kong's back with their LEGO Mario, Luigi, or Peach figures.

The Diddy Kong's Mine Cart Ride Expansion Set, retailing for $109.99 / €104.99 / £94.99, boasts 1,157 pieces. This set features Diddy Kong, a rideable mine cart, a plane from Funky Kong's shop, and a Mole Miner, offering plenty of opportunities for imaginative play.

At $26.99 / €26.99 / £20.99, the 174-piece Dixie Kong's Jungle Jam Expansion Set brings a musical twist to the LEGO universe. Players can perform with Dixie Kong and Squawks the Parrot in this music-themed set.

Finally, the Rambi the Rhino Expansion Set, also priced at $26.99 / €26.99 / £20.99, consists of 106 pieces. This set allows players to ride the rhino figure, which produces sound effects when it walks or charges into the included stackable rock elements. Seems a bit steep for what's included on this one, but hey... It's Lego. What did you expect?

With the addition of these Donkey Kong expansion sets, LEGO continues to broaden the possibilities for fans to create their own adventures and combine their love for building with their passion for video games.

As for me, I'm going to need a bigger house if these are going to enter my world. What about you? Do you plan on picking any of these sets up?


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