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Dr. Mario World (Mobile) hits 2 MILLION Downloads

Updated: Jul 13, 2019


Dr. Mario World has only been available for four days, and it’s already doing well. Nintendo‘s fifth mobile game, Dr. Mario World has already seen over 2 million installs.

According to Sensor Tower, players have spent over $100,000 on in-app purchases, ranging from $1.99 to $69.99 each.

Sensor Tower data has compared how Dr. Mario World stacks up against previous Nintendo mobile games during the same time period.

**Original Smash JT Article**

Viruses have invaded mobile platforms, and only Mario can stop them using Nintendo's latest smartphone game ‘Dr. Mario World’! Surprising many gamers, Dr. Mario World has launched a full day earlier than originally planned.

Using a compatible Android or iOS device, head on over to the respective download store to install the game right now. Over the past few hours, it has been showing up in various countries, including the UK, US and Japan. It began with iOS, and has since arrived on Android. If it isn't available in your territory just yet, keep checking back. It won't be long until it arrives for you as well!

So far I’ve played a few levels. The action and gameplay seem fun and fluid. If I get hooked enough, you can bet a Smash JT Review isn’t too far behind! I’d say initial impressions are is it’s worth the time. Heck it’s free so why not. The microtransactions have been rumored to not be very invasive, and so far so good. Will you be trying your hand in Dr. Mario World?

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I'm REALLY cautious where Nintendo mobile is concerned. I gave Pocket Camp a try and while it started out relatively microtransaction free, it went down the tubes FAST. Not sure I have confidence enough to give Dr. Mario mobile a try.

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