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Eurogamer EXPOSED By Community Notes For Defending Sweet Baby Inc.

Eurogamer, one of the leading voices in the industry, has been flagged on Twitter for misleading content concerning the ongoing Sweet Baby Inc scandal.

The controversy stems from Eurogamer's reporting on the backlash faced by Sweet Baby Inc, which, according to a community note attached to the article, failed to address the root cause of the uproar: a targeted harassment campaign initiated by employees of Sweet Baby Inc. This campaign was not only aimed at a Steam curator group but also sought to ban the personal Steam account of the curator involved.

This incident highlights a growing concern within the gaming community about the objectivity and integrity of video game media. It appears there is a narrative being pushed, one that seems to excuse Sweet Baby Inc and its employees' actions, painting the backlash as unjustified or overblown. This portrayal is not just misleading but also harmful, as it glosses over the serious issue of corporate employees engaging in targeted harassment against individuals or groups within their consumer base.

The role of video game journalists and media outlets is to inform and provide unbiased perspectives to their audience, ensuring that consumers can make informed decisions and understand the dynamics within the industry. However, when these outlets choose to omit critical information or present a one-sided narrative, they betray the trust of their audience and undermine their own credibility.

The implications of such biased reporting extend beyond just the Sweet Baby Inc scandal. It sets a dangerous precedent where corporate misdeeds can be downplayed or ignored, leaving consumers uninformed and vulnerable... AND it once again contributes to a growing distrust between the video game community and the media supposed to represent their interests.

In light of this, video game journalism should start to reflect on its responsibilities and the power it wields. Transparency, integrity, and accountability should be the pillars upon which all reporting is based. Only through honest and fair reporting can trust be rebuilt between the gaming community and the media.

This story serves as yet another reminder of the importance of critical thinking and the need for consumers to seek out multiple sources of information. In an era where misinformation can spread rapidly, the value of truthful, unbiased reporting cannot be overstated. It is time for the video game media to reassess its priorities and commit to a standard of journalism that respects and upholds the truth.

Shame on you for running that article, Eurogamer.


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As a person of color, FUCK SBI!!! They have only harmed the discussion on diversity by demonizing other cultures that are not aware of American discussions on race/gender, as well as favoring tokenistic caricatures with no depth to their personality and passing them as "diverse", my ass, these characters are just boring unoriginal white-American clichés that are reframed as "diverse" when in reality SBI was too lazy to research Miles Morales' Puerto Rican heritage that they mistaken the Puerto Rican flag for the Cuban flag. They wonder why bigotry is on the rise? Because they push a narrative of separation and replacement instead of inclusion and intersectionality, making minorities like me look like crybabies that have no sense of duality/context/hypocrisy/actions-speak-louder-than-words.


This only proves how deed rooted are these Gaming Cancers inside the community.

Their first action that proves how Rooten to the core they are is easy to detect, they do not care to understand their customerd US Gamers.

Of course they know what is going on, but the media is bought out by Black Box's Money. All they care is the Agenda above all else, even the customers that pays their salary.

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