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Sony Mandates PlayStation Account for Helldivers 2 on Steam, Sparking Backlash

Can we go one day without a game company doing something fking STUPID? I’m freaking begging you.

In a move that has stirred considerable discontent among its player base, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that Helldivers 2 players on Steam will now require a PlayStation Network account to access the game. This change, detailed on the game’s Steam page (and on their Twitter), marks a significant shift from the previously optional account linking that was allowed due to initial technical issues at the game's launch.

The requirement to link PlayStation Network accounts is described by Sony as a critical measure for ensuring the safety and security of the Helldivers 2 gaming environment - and I call Bullshit. According to Sony, this strategy will enable them to more effectively ban players who engage in harmful behaviors such as griefing, while also providing a mechanism for banned players to appeal their cases.

From May 6 onward, all new players must link their Steam and PlayStation Network accounts prior to playing. Existing players have until June 4 to comply with the new requirement, with reminders to link accounts starting to appear on May 30. Instructions for linking accounts, including a QR code and a direct link to the PlayStation Network sign-in page, are available on Arrowhead’s website.

However, this new policy has not been met with universal approval. Many players are frustrated by the sudden imposition of this requirement, particularly those in regions not supported by PlayStation Network, such as certain countries in Africa and parts of Eastern Europe. These players face the potential inability to continue playing Helldivers 2 unless they use workarounds like VPNs, which could lead to account bans - and Sony could give two craps about that.. Clearly.

The decision has led to a significant backlash on Steam, where Helldivers 2 has been bombarded with over nearly 7,000 negative reviews shortly after the announcement. Players express discontent not only with the inconvenience but also with privacy concerns over sharing their information with Sony.


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That's "Way To Kill A Game 101," right there.

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