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Final Fantasy Tactics: Reach The Future Fan-Made Mod Now Available!

After three painstaking years of development, modding enthusiast Jumza is poised to breathe new life into the beloved Final Fantasy Tactics through an ambitious mod called "Final Fantasy Tactics: Reach the Future."

Now available, this modification promises to supplement the classic tactical RPG with an array of fresh content, including a new campaign, storylines, and characters. In an impressive display of the mod's breadth, it even includes an aesthetic adaptation of Triple Triad, the immensely popular card game first featured in Final Fantasy 8 and later brought back in Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy Tactics Mod Dubbed 'Reach the Future'
These fan mods... What a time to be alive!

The enhancements promised by "Reach the Future" don't end at storylines and card games. The mod is also set to introduce new classes and abilities, expanding the game's strategy mechanics. Most intriguingly, it will add unique systems tailored for its protagonist, Maine. Maine's distinctive "Hero" class will empower him with the capacity to employ up to three abilities in carefully orchestrated sequences within a single turn. This is a significant departure from the game's original mechanics and stands as a testament to Jumza's modding prowess.

Final Fantasy Hacktics, the dedicated community of Final Fantasy Tactics modders that Jumza is part of, has been the driving force behind the project. The group coordinates their work through a dedicated forum and a Discord server, fostering a vibrant hub of like-minded enthusiasts. Based on the PSX iteration of Final Fantasy Tactics, "Reach the Future" has already clocked three years in development. Jumza has announced that the mod's first chapter for the public to get their hands on is available now!

Final Fantasy Tactics has long held a special place in the hearts of gamers, many of whom have yearned for a sequel for years. Its successful fusion of a traditional JRPG with tactical gameplay mechanics resulted in a revolutionary blend that helped pave the way for the tactics RPG genre. Thus, anticipation is high for this mod, which promises to quench the thirst of those awaiting a return to the game's enchanting universe.

Currently only available on emulators, but a PS1 disc version is hoped for in the future. Those interested in following the development journey of "Final Fantasy Tactics: Reach the Future" can stay updated through Youtube, Twitter, and the Final Fantasy Hacktics Forum. This mod appears to be a love letter to the original game, offering a fresh twist on a timeless classic while respecting its rich heritage of one of the all-time greatest tactical RPGs.


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PSone disc version? Can I get a PSP UMD version ported please?

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