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Game Shark Dev Accidentally Unveils Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date In Press Release

Ok so this is... Weird. At CES 2024, Altec Lansing, a company traditionally known for its audio expertise, made an unexpected splash in the gaming world with its latest innovation: AI Shark. However, it's a seemingly inadvertent revelation about Nintendo's upcoming gaming console that has sparked widespread attention. There's a LOT to take in here. For better context on what the device does, watch this (really dark-tinted, for some reason) trailer below:

AI Shark: A Revolutionary Gaming Tool

AI Shark is being touted as the next-generation successor to the classic GameShark, incorporating advanced AI technology to transform the gaming experience. According to Altec Lansing's press release, this tool is specifically designed to enhance gameplay for beginners, using AI to provide a more immersive and personalized gaming experience. Sounds pretty nuts, and if it works half as good as they advertise, it sounds like a real game changer.

"Harnessing the power of AI, supercomputers and our exceptional code-writing team, we are aiming to eclipse the original GameShark's triumphs tenfold and redefine the gaming landscape on a global scale"

~Todd Hays, Founder of Ai Shark.

The Nintendo Switch 2 Leak

Somehow that tech isn't even the star of the info leaked in the press release. In a wild twist, Altec Lansing’s press release mentioned that AI Shark is set to launch concurrently with the Nintendo Switch 2 in September 2024. Wild, because Nintendo has yet to officially announce the name or release date of their upcoming console, raising questions about whether Altec Lansing inadvertently leaked this information.

Altec Lansing's Follow-Up

Responding to further inquiries from Digital Trends, Altec Lansing revised their earlier statement regarding the release month, shifting from September to a more general "Fall 2024" timeframe for the platform's debut. They emphasized that Nintendo has yet to formally announce a specific launch date. However, Altec Lansing did not refute the upcoming release of the device within this year.

The Capabilities of AI Shark

AI Shark is expected to utilize unique XGPT technology and real-time tensor processing units. Its goal is to elevate the gaming experience by providing tailored hints and assistance, adapting to the fast-paced nature of competitive gaming. However, specific details about the datasets it will use for these enhancements remain unclear.

Caution Advised for the Game Shark Dev and Nintendo Switch 2 Info

With rumors of the Nintendo Switch 2 potentially hitting the market as early as September 2024, the gaming community is abuzz with excitement. Nevertheless, until there is an official confirmation from Nintendo, these details should be considered speculative.

The combination of a new console release and the innovative AI Shark promises an exciting future for gamers. I don't know what's more impressive. The advertised new Game Shark Dev tech using Artificial Intelligence to read HDMI signals, or the fact they actually leaked the Nintendo Switch release date. This is... just... Crazy!

For more details, see the full press release here: Altec Lansing Press Release.


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