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Gaterooze's AMICADE Intellivision Amico Clones Now FREE On Steam!

In the vast expanse of the digital gaming realm, the incredibly talented and creative studio Gaterooze Ink. has always left its unique mark on the (unending) Intellivision Saga. His latest venture is a compilation of the three 'Haterverse' games into a sleek 3D arcade simulator – aptly exemplifies its commitment to evolution and innovation. Gaterooze's AMICADE Intellivision Amico Clones Now FREE On Steam!

This 3D arcade simulator is available free on Steam here.

The 'Haterverse' games were initially introduced as parody pieces, but their engaging nature has seen them evolve into delightful little score attack games. Gaterooze's friends, many of whom aren't even Amico enthusiasts, have attested to the games' addictive appeal.

Gaterooze's AMICADE Intellivision Amico Clones Now FREE On Steam!
Awesome greeting screen!

Gaterooze Ink. took the decision to shed the Hater branding from these games, a move aimed at not perplexing new players who might be unfamiliar with the Amico saga. Here's a comprehensive overview of the substantial changes that have been introduced since the original games:

AMICADE Intellivision Amico Styled General Changes

Akin to an endearing trip down memory lane, all three games now reside within a single application, complete with a nostalgic front-end. Online competition has been given a significant boost with the introduction of Steam Leaderboards. The gameplay experience is also enhanced by the ability to adjust volume and resolution settings. While some unconventional aspect ratios may cause issues, the developers have assured users that any identified problems will be promptly addressed. As an added bonus, players can now strive to achieve new milestones and add to their gaming credentials with the newly incorporated Achievements feature.

Astro Clash (formerly Hatersmash)

Gaterooze's AMICADE Intellivision Amico Clones Now FREE On Steam!
Astro Clash looks and plays fantastic!

Astro Clash, previously known as Hatersmash, now sports a much-improved background, making for a more aesthetically pleasing gaming experience. A minor yet significant tweak is that the base shield now fully covers the ship, eliminating the odd-looking overhang from before.

Shark Park (formerly Hater! Hater!)

Gaterooze's AMICADE Intellivision Amico Clones Now FREE On Steam!
Shark Park is super addicting!

Shark Park, formerly known as Hater! Hater!, now offers an increasingly challenging gameplay experience. The rectification of a one-word bug has reinstated the progression system for the sharks, making them faster and more aggressive the longer you play. The size of the fish has also been adjusted, making the smaller ones more conspicuous. When you reach max size, you have the ability to eat ALL fish, allowing you to rack up impressive scores.

Ski Fall (formerly Hater Piste)

Gaterooze's AMICADE Intellivision Amico Clones Now FREE On Steam!
Want to hit the "Slopes Game Room"?

Ski Fall, formerly known as Hater Piste, now comes with a more engaging course layout, including several double-gates that can be hit to avoid penalty. An earlier physics bug that caused snowballs to float occasionally has been rectified. The option for NSFW music has been removed, making it more inclusive and appealing to a broader audience. Fans of the original soundtrack can still find it at the old link.

Download and play them - NOW!

These revisions by Gaterooze Ink are indicative of their unwavering commitment to enhancing the overall gaming experience. By providing an amalgamation of fun, nostalgia, and challenge, they invite gamers to immerse themselves in this universe of classic arcade charm. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a newcomer, the improved 'Haterverse' games promise an enjoyable gaming journey. So, gear up, set your sights on the high scores, and may the best gamer win!


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