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'Gollum' Studio Acknowledges Their Game Is Shit

'Gollum' Studio Acknowledges Their Game Is Shit
Gollum... Bad?

If you've been following the gaming community lately, you're likely familiar with the wave of criticism and ridicule sweeping over Daedalic Entertainment's newly released title, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. From its questionable aesthetics to poor user interface, the game has been the unfortunate recipient of Internet scorn, meme-generation, and disappointing reviews. It seems Middle-earth didn't translate well into the world of action-adventure gaming this time around, and the developers are the first to admit it.

Nestled between the narratives of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, the game was anticipated by many to provide a fresh, engaging perspective on the beloved franchise. However, following its release, Gollum quickly became one of 2023's worst-reviewed games. Unsolvable puzzles, underwhelming enemy AI, unresponsive controls, and a slew of other bugs have marred the gaming experience, leading to a sea of mockery and disapproval online.

The gaming communities across the internet are lit, their roasts of the game harsh and widespread. It's a tough break for our troubled hobbit, who was seemingly fated to endure this virtual gauntlet.

Yet, in the face of such adversity, Daedalic Entertainment has shown humility and a commitment to making things right. In a Twitter statement shared on May 26, the development team openly acknowledged the game's failings and extended an apology to the community and fans who had high hopes for the game.

According to the statement, Daedalic expressed their "genuine value" of the community's feedback. The developers assured players that they had heard their voices, read their critiques, and are "working diligently to address the bugs and technical issues" that have been flagged.

"As passionate The Lord of the Rings fans, our goal has always been to tell a compelling and immersive story-driven adventure"

Daedalic underlined the importance of player enjoyment and satisfaction in determining a game's success. They pledged their commitment to offering patches to enhance the game and deliver a better gaming experience, apologizing once more for any inconvenience caused.

What's more, the team also confirmed that they would keep players updated on the progress of these improvements and patches. Stating that it was the gaming community's "passion and dedication" that has kept them motivated to rectify the issues in the game, the developers extended their sincerest apologies and hope for understanding during this challenging time.

While Daedalic's public acknowledgement and promises to address the game's issues are steps in the right direction, it does raise a critical question: How did a product with such glaring issues get released in the first place? In the video game industry, it's not just a matter of meeting expectations; it's about delivering a finished, playable product that consumers pay their hard-earned money for. The 'Gollum' studio acknowledges their game is shit... Great, but, now what?

In a market where gamers are expected to shell out substantial sums of money for a game at launch, delivering a product riddled with bugs and lacking in crucial areas like user interface and AI is nothing short of a betrayal. It's akin to selling someone a car with faulty brakes or a house with a leaking roof. It's not just disappointing—it's unacceptable. In many ways, releasing a game in this state can feel like a form of theft, where customers pay full price for a product that is, quite frankly, half-baked and inadequate.

As consumers, we deserve better. No amount of apologies can rectify the fact that players have been sold an unfinished game. We need to see an industry that takes its consumers seriously, one that values quality assurance and thorough testing over hurried releases. The road to redemption for Daedalic Entertainment will not be easy or fast, and while their commitment to fixing the game's many problems is commendable, it's a situation that should have been avoided in the first place.

Despite the rocky launch, Daedalic Entertainment's transparency and dedication to improving Gollum may ultimately help regain the trust of players. For now, though, the game remains in a precarious position, and it will take concerted effort to bring it closer to the expectations of its fanbase.


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