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Greg Wilmot RESPONDS To The Jirard The Completionist Saga

Greg Wilmot Reflects on Past Controversies and His Current Life

Greg Wilmot, a familiar name for those following the gaming community and particularly the channel 'The Completionist,' recently took to Reddit's r/Completionist2 to share his thoughts and experiences post-departure from the channel.

His post, while measured, sheds light on his decision to distance himself from the channel and its controversies, particularly those surrounding Jirard the Completionist... and how he knew all along what a dirtbag Jirard really was. This is WILD!

Wilmot's Prudent Departure

In his message, Wilmot expresses relief about his decision to have his videos removed from the channel, citing a premonition of controversies surrounding the family involved.

"This whole ordeal is one of the exact reasons why I had him remove all of my videos"

His foresight to avoid being implicated in situations he had no part in speaks to a level of prudence and self-awareness... as well as how bad Jirard really is as a human being.

The Impact on the Community

Greg acknowledges the hurt felt by the community, especially donors who believed their contributions were aiding a cause, only to find out otherwise. He empathizes with their sense of betrayal, stating:

"They have every right to be upset"

This statement not only highlights the disappointment of the fanbase but also indirectly criticizes the management and handling of community trust by Jirard and the team.

Life After The Completionist

Wilmot's current life seems to be a peaceful contrast to his earlier internet fame. He mentions his family life.

"I live gratefully each day with my loving wife and two wonderful children"

His detachment from content creation and the online world signifies a move towards a more private, fulfilling life. This shift from a public persona to a family-oriented life underscores his disengagement from past controversies.

An Underlying Critique

While Wilmot's message is largely personal and reflective, it casts a shadow on Jirard the Completionist. His decision to distance himself from the channel, his allusion to foreseen controversies, and his empathy for the misled donors paint a picture of mismanagement and ethical issues within the channel, even worsening Jirard's public perception, which was already under scrutiny.

In the past month, I had reached out to Greg Wilmot a couple of times, hoping to engage with him directly and perhaps gain some insights into his perspective on recent events. Unfortunately, I didn't receive a response, which, given his statement about being busy with family life and not planning an active online presence, is understandable. Reading his message today, it resonates deeply, particularly his reflections on his past involvement with 'The Completionist' and his current life priorities. It's heartening to hear that he is doing well, finding joy in his family and personal life. Greg's decision to prioritize his well-being and his family, and his acknowledgment of the community's feelings, adds a level of authenticity and to his chapter in this ongoing saga.

A Quiet Exit, A Loud Statement

Greg Wilmot’s departure from the online world and his reflections on the past controversies surrounding 'The Completionist' channel offer a poignant insight into the complexities of internet fame and the responsibilities of content creators towards their community. While he has chosen a quieter life, his words continue to resonate, hinting at deeper issues within the gaming content creation world and leaving a lasting impression on the audience he once entertained.


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By the way, Reddit just suspended another account that posted your video, apparently for ban evasion. It didn't had anything to do with the moderation team.

Smash JT
Smash JT
Jan 12
Replying to

I don’t self promote on Reddit. If people want to post my videos anywhere, they are more than welcome to. I limit sharing my videos to my own personal social media sources - Here, FB, Twitter, etc.

thank you though!


Hey man, I know we had our differences in the past (I made a video heavily criticizing you), BUT THANK you for sharing this!!! Very important - u/Thomas_Eric

Replying to

I'm no saint either, I had my fair share of mistakes. But this (and your video JAN 10) is important work that wouldn't be getting any attention on YouTube if it weren't for you starting the conversation. Again thank you!


Let's be honest: a lot of folks get wrapped up in online shenanigans because their personal lives are trash. Focusing on the real world (and leaving the Internet dreck behind) is a word of wisdom to us all.

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