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I Went Viral and Now The Internet Hates Me

Going viral can sometimes feel like catching lightning in a volatile bottle...

Recently, I experienced this "viral" phenomenon firsthand, albeit with a twist that I hadn't quite anticipated. It all started with a meme I created, featuring Alyssa Mercante and the game Stellar Blade. The meme humorously played on the theme of "Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition," juxtaposing current trends in gaming and media representation against a more traditional aesthetic. Little did I know, this light-hearted jab would skyrocket to nearly 50,000 views in under 10 hours, amassing over 400 shares. The wildfire spread of my content was both exhilarating and ...daunting.

Alyssa Mercante, known for her "unique" lifestyle, which has come to light over the past month of previously being a hooker that sucked dicks for money, has become a symbol of embracing one's individuality, quirks and all. This is something I can admire, and everyone should be able to find their own beauty. The problem with people like Alyssa is they don't want to hear opposing viewpoints, and shut down conversations that don't agree with her perspective, creating an echo chamber of insanity.

The core message of my meme was to challenge if the notion that attractiveness in video game characters should be downplayed or dismissed to cater to the sensibilities of certain segments of the games media and developers.

But then the replies started coming in...

It was a call to celebrate diversity in character design, without succumbing to external pressures to conform to a singular standard of representation. Wild how some people (not all, of course) can extrapolate what they have in their own head and assume what was meant by a meme.

However, the viral nature of my tweet peeled back a layer of the internet I was unprepared for. It revealed a split audience; on one side, those who appreciated the humor and message, and on the other, a vocal group that vehemently disagreed with my point of view - taking the joke to levels of extremism I could only dream of. The latter accused me of promoting outdated ideals and being insensitive to the ongoing discussions about representation in media.

The backlash was immediate and intense. Being thrust into the spotlight, especially under controversial circumstances, opened my eyes to the sheer diversity of thought and opinion that exists online. It was fascinating, yet disheartening... But so goes the world of social media in 2024.

This experience has been a rollercoaster of emotions. On one hand, it's been invigorating to engage with a new audience and to have sparked such widespread conversation- trust me - I'm having a blast interacting for the laughs... But on the other, the hatred and vitriol directed towards me were unexpected. It's a stark reminder of the double-edged sword that is viral fame.

I've come to understand the importance of navigating social media and viral trends with caution. While my intention was to provoke thought and entertain, the outcome highlighted the need for sensitivity and the potential consequences of misunderstanding.

Going viral has taught me valuable lessons about the internet's power to amplify voices and the responsibility that comes with it. It's a reminder that every post, joke, or meme can reach corners of the globe you never imagined, impacting people in ways you might not expect... But at the same time, it starts a conversation, and to me, that beats silence any day. UPDATE: Just as I was about to post this, it turns out Alyssa Mercante has UNBLOCKED me on Twitter, and is proceeding to... try to make fun of how I look by tweeting out my profile picture. A fun conversation has begun.


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Clearly there are always gonna be peoples out there online that can't seem to handle certain humours at all and it is those Nitwits whom always seem to have their Nickers in a twist over everything and it must truelly Suck to be them !


Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.

Just another day on the Internet, LOL.

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