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Insider Leaks Final Fantasy VII Remake for Nintendo Switch 2

Alongside Square Enix are some of Sega's Upcoming Projects mentioned

Recent whispers in the gaming community hint at exciting developments from Square Enix and Sega. Notably, the much-anticipated port of "Final Fantasy VII Remake" for the Nintendo Switch 2 seems to be closer to reality than we initially believed.

Insider Leaks Final Fantasy VII Remake for Nintendo Switch 2
The gang has come together to switch up things a bit

The Emissary of Secrets: Im A Hero Too

Former Reset Era member, known as "Im A Hero Too", has returned from a brief hiatus, diving straight into the heart of these leaks. Previously, this individual had their account deleted post-leaking insights into several upcoming Japanese titles. In a recent reveal, Im A Hero Too sought to debunk fake profiles on Discord posing as them, having their identity verified through another Reset Era member.

Square Enix: What's On The Horizon?

Source: Reddit Im A Hero Too's intel shows that Square Enix is working on various projects. Among them are remakes of both "Final Fantasy IX" and "Final Fantasy X". While the former was pegged for a Summer 2024 release, it appears fans may have to wait longer due to the need for additional refinements. On the other hand, the latter's development, focused on "Final Fantasy X", seems to be at the beginning stages, with only a skeletal crew at its helm; making it unlikely to celebrate the original's 25th anniversary with a launch.

In more potentially exciting news, a port of the "Final Fantasy VII Remake" is said to be underway for the Nintendo Switch 2, boasting visuals and performance on par with the PS5 version. The ease of this porting process implies it might feature as a launch game for Nintendo's upcoming console. Additionally, there's talk of Square Enix having their hands on new PS5 devkits, potentially hinting at development for the PS5 Pro.

Sega's Exciting Line-up

Over at Sega, fans of the blue hedgehog can rejoice as another Sonic title is rumored for a release next year. Alongside this, buzz surrounds upcoming titles like Jet Set, Comix Zone, and a fresh installment of Guardian Heroes. However, for "Persona" enthusiasts, "Persona 6" seems to be taking its sweet time, with a release beyond 2024. An interesting tidbit from the informant mentions a theme of "black and white" for the game. Also, whispers suggest a yet-to-be-announced party-themed Persona game is in the works.

Nintendo Switch 2: A Glimpse Into The Future

Addressing one of the most burning questions in the gaming community, this leaker shed light on the Nintendo Switch successor. The upcoming console's devkit promises backward compatibility, ensuring a seamless experience for those transitioning from the original Switch. Apart from a revamped cartridge system, a new camera feature is also said to be part of this next-gen handheld wonder.

In a world where game developments are shrouded in mystery, leaks like these offer a tantalizing glimpse into what the future might hold. While it's essential to approach these leaks with caution, the anticipation they generate is undeniable. One thing's for sure: the gaming world is buzzing with excitement, and we can't wait to see what unfolds next.


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