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Intellivision Confirms They Have ZERO Plans To Create The Amico Console Anymore

Navigating the Uncertain Terrain of the Amico Roadmap: A Skeptical Outlook (and NO CONSOLE...)

Intellivision's journey toward the launch of its (supposed) much-anticipated Amico console has been marked by a series of ambitious announcements and subsequent delays. The recent publication of the Amico Roadmap on the official Intellivision Discord, as outlined by John Alvarado, offers a glimpse into the company's past accomplishments and future projections. However, a closer examination raises questions about the feasibility and clarity of these plans... and why is there no mention of an Intellivision Amico console?

The Roadmap: Ambitions vs. Realities

The Amico Roadmap, intended as a reference for launch dates and future plans, seems to be more of a balancing act between achieved milestones and aspirational goals. While the company has made certain strides (cardboard boxes disguised as "games" count, right?), the absence of estimated production dates for the console is a glaring omission. This lack of specificity fuels skepticism, especially among those who have been following the project's progress over the years.

Investment Hurdles and Manufacturing Uncertainties

A critical point in the roadmap is the statement regarding the need for additional investment to begin manufacturing the Amico consoles. The reference to the public announcement from November 21st, 2023, underscores a fundamental challenge: the dependency of the project's continuation on external financial support. This reliance casts doubt on the project's stability and the company's ability to deliver on its promises without significant external intervention.

Amico Home: A Step Forward or a Stalling Tactic?

The introduction of Amico Home is positioned as a stepping stone towards attracting investment or funding manufacturing through game sales. However, skeptics might view this as a diversion from the core objective of producing the console. The success of Amico Home and its impact on the overall vision for the Amico console remains speculative, adding another layer of uncertainty to the roadmap.

A Road Paved with Good Intentions but Uncertain Destinations

Intellivision's commitment to moving forward "step by step" is evident, but the roadmap reveals a journey fraught with challenges and unanswered questions. The lack of concrete manufacturing plans and the reliance on future investments to realize the vision of Amico leave observers and potential consumers in a state of limbo. Not to mention the heavy moderating of the official Intellivision Discord server by the lead developer John Alvarado).

As the company endeavors to navigate this overly complex landscape they've created for themselves, the gaming community watches with skepticism, wondering if the full vision of Amico will EVER materialize.



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