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Intellivision's Hail Mary "Amico Home" Project Is Beyond Idiodic

In the annals of video game history, there are certain brands that elicit instant recognition and reverence. Atari, with its iconic joystick, immediately comes to mind. In a twist of events, while Atari has managed to release not one, but two consoles, the Intellivision brand, despite its best efforts, seems perpetually stuck in a time loop of failures and missed opportunities.

Enter: Amico Home

Intellivision's Hail Mary "Amico Home" Project Is Beyond Idiodic
Side Swipers on Amico Home - Come cram around the phone, fam!

What Even is Intellivision's "Amico Home" Product?

Amico Home, as presented by Intellivision, is an ambitious project that seeks to bring the Amico experience to a wider audience. By transitioning to mobile devices and reducing the hardware footprint, they hope to make in-room multiplayer games more accessible and versatile. On paper, this sounds ridiculous already. However, when dissected, this venture is even more riddled with incongruences and questionable choices.

Firstly, the whole allure of Intellivision's Amico platform was the prospect of bringing families together in front of the TV. There’s an undeniable charm in relishing a game together with your loved ones, lounging on the couch, laughing, and competing. It's an experience that's timeless, and one that Amico's console promised to champion. However, with Amico Home, this primary selling point becomes moot. If the idea was to relish in-room multiplayer games, why transition to a platform that inherently promotes individual play?

Intellivision's Hail Mary "Amico Home" Project Is Beyond Idiodic
We're on the launchpad, McQuack!

Disgraced (and former Intellivision CEO) Tommy Tallarico, has been vociferously clear in the past about the uniqueness of Amico's games and their intrinsic design that was tailored for the console’s specialized controllers. His assertion was that these games couldn't even function on a smartphone. Now, with Amico Home, this assertion is conveniently overturned, raising eyebrows and questions on the authenticity of past claims. I know, a shocker for Tommy at this point, right?

The Amico "USP"

A USP stands for "Unique Selling Proposition" (or "Unique Selling Point"). It refers to the distinct advantage or characteristic that a product, service, or brand offers, which differentiates it from its competitors. Essentially, a USP answers the consumer's question: "Why should I choose this product or service over another?" It's what sets a product or service apart in the marketplace, and it's often used in marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

The move to mobile also raises concerns about its target audience. One of the USPs of the Amico platform was its appeal to a younger audience. However, this demographic, more often than not, doesn't own smartphones. And if they do, platforms like Roblox have a stranglehold on their attention. Attempting to sway them towards Intellivision Amico games feels like an uphill battle that’s already lost.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace

One can't help but think of this venture as a last-ditch effort to remain relevant in a rapidly evolving market. In an ecosystem where companies need to be agile and adaptive, it feels as though Intellivision is making choices out of desperation, rather than a coherent strategy. Business decisions appear reactive rather than proactive, resulting in a disjointed brand image and a confused consumer base.

Intellivision's Hail Mary "Amico Home" Project

While innovation and evolution are necessary for survival in the gaming industry, it's equally important to stay true to one's brand promise and core values. Amico Home seems more like a shot in the dark than a calculated move. Only time will tell if this venture will change Intellivision’s fortune, but as of now, it seems like another chapter in its saga of missed opportunities.

Intellivision's Hail Mary "Amico Home" Project Is Beyond Idiodic
At this point I legit feel bad for these goofs

The Silver Lining

But hey, at least we can watch some soulless shills on the internet pedal this joke of a product from afar, and share a good laugh together in the meantime on this company that just continues to make us question reality.


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