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Jirard The Completionist Full Call Recap Between Mutahar (SOG) and Karl Jobst

Karl Jobst and Mutahar (Muta) from Some Ordinary Gamers recently released their call involving Jirard the Completionist, I left hearing it with a stark blend of disappointment, frustration, and a sense of betrayal regarding how Jirard handled the situation.

Karl and Muta approached the matter with considerable empathy and patience. They offered Jirard multiple opportunities to clarify his stance, coupled with constructive advice on how to amend the situation. This included acknowledging the lack of transparency, apologizing, and ensuring that the funds were directed to the intended charities. However, I felt that Jirard's response, especially his legal threats, was not only inadequate but also counterproductive. It seemed to exacerbate the situation rather than resolving it, reflecting a missed opportunity to handle the controversy with integrity and transparency. Ironically, these legal threats are exactly what led to the full call being released to the public. Welll well well, if it isn't the consequences of Jirard's own actions...

Jirard's approach to the controversy and his choice to threaten legal action deeply disappointed me, as I've stated multiple times in previous videos. It appeared as a defensive move that was ill-advised, further damaging his public image and trust with the community. This situation highlighted a concerning disregard for the constructive feedback and the goodwill extended by Karl and Muta. Almost like Jirard was so afraid, knowing the result of his actions were coming, well before anyone else.

The discussion around the legal advice Jirard received also caught my attention. It seemed to prioritize legal liability over public perception, possibly guiding some of his less favorable decisions. This aspect underscored the complex balance between legal counsel and public image, particularly for public figures, and the challenges therein.

Another major concern for me was the financial management and transparency regarding the charity funds. Allegations of misappropriation and a lack of clarity about the expenses and distribution of funds raised serious questions. The confusion and inconsistencies in Jirard's statements regarding the management of the charity events and the use of the funds were particularly troubling.

The biggest takeaway from the entire (nearly one-hour) call was the sound of Jirard's voice. Not what he was saying, but how he was saying it. He didn't come across like someone I could trust or believe in any way. It's hard to put my finger on exactly why it was, but surmise it to be a mix of many different emotions and odd answers to basic questions.

My reaction to this situation is one of disillusionment with Jirard's handling of the controversy. There was a clear opportunity for transparency and responsible action, which, in my view, was unfortunately missed. It was right there for him. So simple!!! This situation serves as a stark reminder of the importance of honesty and integrity, especially in matters involving public trust and charitable endeavors. Unfortunately, when a situation like this happens, the grand trust in all YouTubers, even the good ones, suffers immensely.


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