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Jirard The Completionist Subreddit Is A Complete Disaster

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

UPDATE: r/TheCompletionist has been made private about 30 minutes after this article and video went live. Coincidence? I think not...

Original Article below: Turmoil in r/TheCompletionist Subreddit: A Case Study in Moderation and Community Unrest...

The r/TheCompletionist subreddit, a community dedicated to fans of Jirard The Completionist and That One Video Gamer (TOVG), is currently a complete disaster, and has recently been embroiled in controversy and internal strife. At the heart of this unrest is a decision by the subreddit's moderators, led by a moderator named Chuck, to clamp down on discussions surrounding allegations against Jirard, the face of The Completionist. This decision, and the manner in which it was communicated, has sparked intense debate and criticism among the subreddit's members.

In a ridiculous post titled "My Final Say and Moderation Decisions," Chuck outlined his new "moderation" policy. The key decision was to prohibit any further discussion about the Open Hands Foundation controversy and related allegations against Jirard. Chuck expressed exhaustion from moderating the influx of negative comments and posts, some of which included racist and xenophobic content.

Chuck's post, while intended to clarify and stabilize the situation, instead ignited further controversy. The decision to ban discussions, especially those critiquing Jirard, was seen by many as a direct attempt to silence dissent and control the narrative around the allegations. This move was perceived as particularly contentious due to Chuck's personal connection to Jirard, which he acknowledged in the post.

The moderation decision has been criticized for several reasons:

  1. Subjectivity and Bias: The post by Chuck revealed a close personal relationship with Jirard, raising questions about the impartiality of the moderation. This connection was perceived as influencing the decision to shield Jirard from criticism.

  2. Suppression of Discussion: By prohibiting discussion on a topic that is clearly of significant interest and relevance to the community, the moderators are seen as stifling open dialogue. This is particularly notable given the evolving nature of the situation surrounding the allegations against Jirard.

  3. Dismissal of Community Concerns: The directive to "look elsewhere to submit" complaints or speculation was seen as dismissive of legitimate community concerns. It suggested a lack of willingness to engage with differing viewpoints.

  4. Response to Racist and Hateful Comments: While the effort to eliminate racist and xenophobic comments is commendable and necessary, the broader censorship of all discussion related to the controversy has been criticized as an overreach.

The decision to restrict conversation on the subreddit may have unintended consequences. It risks alienating members of the community who seek a platform for open discussion and critique. Additionally, the negative reaction to the moderation decision, as reflected in the downvote ratio of Jirard's response video on YouTube, indicates a broader discontent with the way the situation is being handled.

The situation in r/TheCompletionist serves as a microcosm of the challenges faced by online communities in balancing moderation with freedom of expression. While the intentions behind the moderation decisions may be to protect the community and individuals involved, the execution and perceived biases have led to significant unrest and dissatisfaction. The unfolding events highlight the delicate nature of community management and the importance of transparent, fair, and unbiased moderation practices in online forums.


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