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"Journos" Cope & Seethe Over Completely Losing The Narrative

Nick Calandra (Second Wind) & Jessica Cogswell (GameSpot) Continue to Melt Down Over Me and My "ilk"...

As we've seen over the past few weeks, the battle between media personalities and content creators can sometimes get intense and deeply personal. Recently, the gaming community witnessed another chapter in this ongoing Coping & Seething saga involving Nick Calandra and Jessica Cogswell, two figures who have become emblematic of the deeper rifts within the gaming journalism industry... and they aren't the biggest fans of being exposed.

The Curious Case of Nick Calandra

Nick Calandra, initially came to be known as the guy who actively encouraging his followers to dox Grummz, then the guy who rounded up his troops to do a mass false flag campaign to get this website taken down because he doesn't like other opinions that aren't his wn, recently found himself at the center of controversy (yet again) after being accused of orchestrating attacks on a fellow content creator's personal life and to 'go after their funding sources', an allegation he seems to have swept under the rug so far that he somehow forgot about it?

On Twitter, Calandra expressed confusion and frustration, indicating a detachment from the ongoing drama: "The fuck is he even going on about now? I have zero involvement in this lol."

Keep coping, Nick. Here, have some relaxing background music to fill that soundtrack in your head...

His recent tweets suggest a man preoccupied with personal matters, like caring for his ailing mother (which, my sincerest wishes for her to get in better health soon, as much as a prick you are Nick, I would never wish ill on that type of thing), and his 'professional duties', rather than engaging in online disputes: "I’ve been on streams for the last week, writing video scripts and on the phone with my mother while she’s in the hospital."

Despite his attempts to disengage, Calandra acknowledges the persistent attention from his detractors, stating, "I’m this guy’s boogeyman at this point lol." His stance reflects a broader weariness with what he perceives as nonsensical accusations, further distancing himself from the fray by dismissing the videos and comments as "unhinged rants."

My guy, I've proven time and time again I am anything but afraid of you. You are a pathetic shitstain on the video game industry, and people are waking up to who you really are...

and then we have...

Jessica Cogswell: Journalist or Activist?

Turning to Jessica Cogswell, another prominent name in gaming journalism, we see a similar pattern of entanglement with the gaming community's more vocal critics. Cogswell, who was recently featured on the #KotakuDetected list on, has been accused of pushing an agenda rather than providing unbiased journalism.

Cogswell's public responses to her critics suggest a defiance mixed with disdain for the attacks levied against her and her colleagues. She argues that Grummz and I (as she calls us out directly in her tweet) "lack game dev, journalism, communication, and people skills," a claim that is actually hysterical considering that everything she mentioned is what a good social media presense requires. The cope and seethe is real..

Her tweets further reveal a sense of being unfairly targeted: "They have been their subject of torment for months now," suggesting a narrative where she and her colleagues are the victims of prolonged harassment. Yet, she also throws barbs back at her critics, calling them "has beens" and mocking their efforts as "running their hate blogs, making obsessive YouTube videos, and whining to an audience who is growing bored with them." Which one is it, Jessica? Sending me some serious mixed messages here.

A Reflective Look at Gaming Journalism

This ongoing feud highlights significant issues within gaming journalism and the broader digital content creation landscape. Figures like Nick Calandra and Jessica Cogswell represent different facets of a media ecosystem where personal attacks often overshadow substantive discussions on gaming and its culture. The accusations, defenses, and counter-accusations not only impact the individuals involved but also reflect on the industry's struggle with credibility and professionalism. In a weird way, YouTubers have picked up the baton and the gaming community recognizes the shift... and this reality that journos are recognizing is pissing them off even more.

It's crucial that people in 'professional' positions critically evaluate both sides of such disputes, recognizing the potential for both real grievances and misunderstandings to escalate in the high-stakes environment of social media. The need for accountability, transparency, and respect in discourse remains paramount, especially as the lines between personal and public continue to blur in the online world... But until we reach that glorious day, please, continue to cope and seethe.


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Sean Lukas

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