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Introducing "Kotaku Detected": Holding Games Journalism Accountable

Announcing the launch of "Kotaku Detected"! A new section dedicated to listing individuals who work or have worked at Kotaku. This initiative, available at, aims to create a comprehensive directory of certain individuals, detailing their roles, articles, and other relevant information as to why they have negatively contributed to video game journalism.

The intention is to hold these people accountable for their actions by connecting the intricate web of friendships behind the scenes, as it has become clear that Kotaku prioritizes pushing activist agendas and narratives over fostering genuine conversations about video games... And unfortunately, it is not just limited to Kotaku. This problem runs deep in games journalism.

The page includes some of the worst writers, editors, developers, and others who have contributed to the downfall of the video game industry over the years. Each entry provides relevant information for further research, including their roles, articles, and/or linked video explanations.

Whether you're a researcher, gaming enthusiast, or industry professional, this resource is designed to spotlight the people behind Kotaku's content and hold them accountable for their actions.

For those who do not appear on this list, they have not committed any awful behavior publicly... Yet.

For more information detailing why the #EndKotaku movement was created, please watch this video and sign the petition here.

By bringing these issues to light, "Kotaku Detected" aims to encourage a more transparent and accountable gaming journalism industry. Join us in holding these individuals responsible for their contributions to the current state of games journalism.

If you have any information to contribute, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter at @SmashJT, or email me at - for the betterment of video games!


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May 24

These people give off "never leave us alone with your children" vibes.


Wow. You're definitely not playing around, JT. 🧨

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