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Kotaku REJECTED My Job Application...

Masters of the *Illusion* of Diversity at Kotaku: A Personal Encounter

In a world where media outlets frequently tout their commitment to diversity and inclusion, one might expect that these principles extend to a variety of perspectives and ideologies.

...However, my recent experience attempting to apply for a job at Kotaku has starkly highlighted the difference between what is preached and what is practiced.

Kotaku, a gaming website owned by G/O Media, claims that:

“We will be at our best when we embrace many different perspectives and experiences. DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION are core to our culture, and we expect all staff to advance and promote that.”

These words seemed promising, suggesting an openness to a variety of viewpoints. However, my attempt to join their team revealed a different reality.

I first learned about the job opening from Carolyn Petit, a senior editor at Kotaku who comes across to many as a male activist cosplaying as a female journalist, promoting "feminism" everywhere he can. A very strange lifestyle choice IMHO, but hey, if you're not hurting anyone, have at it... Right?

In a tweet, He said:

“Hey! If you're an experienced, U.S.-based tips/guides writer who maybe wants to help Kotaku shore up our output in that area with guides coverage of Destiny 2, Elden Ring, and other big games, get at us at pitches at kotaku dot com. Thank you!”

I thought that my background and perspective could bring a fresh, diverse viewpoint to their team. After all, diversity should encompass a range of thoughts and experiences, not just demographic characteristics. So, I decided to express my interest.

I quote-tweeted Carolyn, stating, “Hiring me would be actual diversity.”

The response was immediate and unequivocal...

Carolyn blocked me without hesitation.

This reaction was not only unprofessional... but also contradicted the very principles of diversity and inclusion that Kotaku and G/O Media claim to uphold. The irony of being blocked by someone who promotes inclusion was not lost on me.

Moreover, Carolyn's subsequent tweet:

“reactionary chuds need not respond, I will simply block you”

Further underscored the hypocrisy. According to Wiktionary, a “chud” is a slang term for “a gross, physically unappealing person.” This derogatory term, coming from someone who advocates for respect and inclusivity, was jarring, to say the least...

It’s disheartening to see how Kotaku’s approach to diversity seems to be more about creating an echo chamber of like-minded individuals rather than fostering genuine diversity of thought. The very essence of a diverse workplace should include different perspectives, including those of a straight, white male who offers a down-to-earth viewpoint. Though I shouldn't be surprised. Carolyn is the same person who backed up his coworker Alyssa Mercante when she went completely out of bounds in contacting my wife over a meaningless online Twitter disagreement, taking the stance saying he would do the same thing. As I've mentioned before in a past video, Kotaku is an insane Asylum, and these people don't want to fix it.

My experience suggests that Kotaku’s version of diversity is superficial, focusing on skin color, nose rings, and gender rather than embracing truly varied perspectives. "Diversity of thought" is a foreign concept to them, clearly. This narrow approach to inclusion stifles the rich discourse that could arise from a genuinely diverse team. An environment that challenges the status quo. A place where gamers from all over can relate and come together over the passion of games! But no...

The paradox of Kotaku’s workplace is a sad reflection of how the noble idea of diversity has been reduced to a checkbox exercise. True diversity should not only celebrate differences in identity but also in thought. Unfortunately, my initial attempt to contribute to Kotaku’s team in hopes of turning the ship around and steering it toward any semblance of success has shown that they are more interested in maintaining a failing homogenous ideological stance than in embracing the varied perspectives that genuine diversity would bring. But really, is anyone surprised?

Hey, I tried.


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I really don't think that any one would wanna work at Kotaku, especially since the boss they have there now is One Ugly bitch

Me gusta

Me gusta

09 jun

Carolyn is king of the Chuds.

Me gusta

Me gusta

06 jun

"The danger of a closed mind is that it can also leave good things like love, compassion, and reason on its outside." - Lennox Lewis

Without other perspectives they will live in an echo chamber that will stagnate quickly from its own toxicity.

Keep up the good fight, Dear Sir.

Daniel Keith

Me gusta
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