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Lego Unveils a Giant Piranha Plant

Lego Unveils a Giant Piranha Plant

Lego Unveils a Giant Piranha Plant Model for Mario Enthusiasts

Lego enthusiasts and Super Mario aficionados, brace yourselves for a treat! Lego is all set to release its latest masterpiece in the realm of Super Mario, sculpting a magnificent large-scale Piranha Plant model, slated to tantalize collectors.

Recently, the official Lego Twitter account dropped hints about the upcoming marvel, accompanied by a message that playfully read, “Waking soon… discover the newest Lego Super Mario set emerging from our pipeline…” The teaser wasn’t just visual; it resonated with the iconic music reminiscent of Super Mario 64, where players would tiptoe past a dormant Piranha Plant.

For those eager to mark their calendars, the Lego store has already listed the Piranha Plant set, revealing a November 6 launch and pricing it at $59.99/£57.99. As per the product description, enthusiasts can anticipate a detailed rendition, allowing for dynamic poses with its adjustable head, mouth, stalk, and leaves. Ideal for both home and office spaces, the model, once assembled and placed in its signature pipe, promises to be an eye-catching centerpiece.

Consisting of 540 pieces, this Piranha Plant, standing tall at 9 inches, is a more compact addition to Lego's Nintendo-themed collector sets. This upcoming Piranha Plant isn't Lego's first tryst with Nintendo. The journey commenced with the nostalgic Lego NES in 2020, progressing to a Super Mario 64-themed question block in 2021 and a formidable Lego Bowser in 2022.

The Super Mario universe isn't the only gaming legend Lego has ventured into; they've recently enthralled fans with Sonic the Hedgehog sets and even crafted a retro Lego version of the Atari 2600 console. Notably, Lego has expanded its horizons to other gaming icons, like the Tallneck from the popular Horizon Forbidden West game.

Given this trajectory, Lego continues to strike a chord with both gaming and building enthusiasts, blending nostalgia, craftsmanship, and innovation.


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