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LEGO Unveils The PAC-MAN Arcade Set

LEGO has offered us a glimpse into its exciting new offering, unveiling the PAC-MAN Arcade set. After an initial leak spotting it online last month, LEGO has officially unveiled this captivating set, much to the delight of nostalgic gamers and LEGO enthusiasts!

LEGO Unveils The PAC-MAN Arcade Set
Pac-Man Die-Hards apply within

Adding to the growing roster of LEGO's video game-themed sets - a lineup that includes remarkable renditions of the Atari 2600 and the coveted NES - this PAC-MAN Arcade set is set to commemorate the 43rd anniversary of the classic arcade game. Slated for release on June 4th, with early access for Lego VIP members from June 1st, this set comprises a substantial 2651 pieces. The pricing reflects its complexity and scale, retailing at $269.99.

While this price point might be on the steep side (like seemingly everything these days), the intricate details and features packed into this set make it a tempting prospect. The Pac-Man cabinet isn't playable in the traditional sense; instead, it brings the game to life through its unique mechanical design. A side-mounted handle allows the iconic game characters - Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde - to give chase to Pac-Man, offering a dynamic diorama of the game's nostalgic action. Adding further charm, the cabinet features a light-up coin slot and animated larger figures situated atop the structure.

"Chomp your way back to the 80's with the new LEGO Icons PAC-MAN Arcade! Ready! Build! Play!"

- LEGO Unveils The PAC-MAN Arcade Set

LEGO Unveils The PAC-MAN Arcade Set
More than meets the eye...

With over 2600 bricks to assemble and intricate mechanisms to put in place, it's understandable that LEGO has designated this set as suitable for those aged 18 and over. This sophisticated model offers a complex but rewarding building experience, making it an ideal choice for mature LEGO fans or those seeking a challenging construction project.

The PAC-MAN Arcade set's announcement follows closely behind the reveal of the upcoming Donkey Kong expansion sets. This continued foray into video game-themed sets proves LEGO's commitment to merging the world of classic gaming with the tactile joy of brick-building. The array of video game LEGO sets continues to grow, with each addition becoming more impressive and demonstrating LEGO's dedication to paying homage to the rich history of gaming. Speaking of rich, you're gonna need to be that to keep up.


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