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Mario Kart Officially comes to Hot Wheels

On June 20th 2019, Nintendo and Hot Wheels announced an incredible joint partnership which will soon give a global release to Hot Wheels Mario Kart die-cast vehicles and tracks.

There will be three Mario Kart game-inspired track sets in total initially, and many familiar faces from the franchise making their way over eventually.

At launch, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Bowser will be available. Princess Peach, Koopa Troopa and Toad are listed as "coming soon". The vehicles will be approximately 1:64th scale, with enemies from the Super Mario Bros. universe making an appearance on the tracks.

The three tracks created so far are the following:

- Piranha Plant Slide Track Set - Thwomp Ruins Track Set - Hot Wheels Mario Kart Circuit Track Set

The track sets and cars will be available globally at select retailers this summer. No pricing has been detailed yet.

Mattel will feature Mario Kart at San Diego Comic-Con from 17th - 21st. Smash JT will be in attendance, and you can bet I’ll be getting up close and personal to check these things out personally. As with many products at SDCC, there will be an exclusive shown off here: The Metal Mario vehicle. It will be available at Mattel's booth as well as on Mattel's official website.

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Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.
22 jun 2019

I think my brother "sorta" collects Hot Wheels. Gonna have to pass this info along...

So excited to see your coverage from this year's SDCC, Smash!! <3

Me gusta
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