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Microsoft Game Pass Core Leaked

In an unexpected turn of events, information about Microsoft's plans to replace Xbox Live Gold with a new service named Game Pass Core was revealed to the public not through an official announcement, but via a leak. This surprise disclosure has caused quite a stir within the gaming community.

The details outlining the transition from Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Core, scheduled to take place on September 1st, were initially intended to be a part of a grand reveal set for Monday. However, the information made its way to the public earlier than Microsoft had planned, sparking widespread discussion among gamers and industry experts alike.

The leak highlighted the features of the new service, disclosing that Game Pass Core would retain the same price as Xbox Live Gold while incorporating online multiplayer capabilities and offering access to over 25 Game Pass games. This assortment of titles includes noteworthy games such as "DOOM Eternal," "Forza Horizon 4," and "Gears 5."

Interestingly, the leak also indicated the discontinuation of the monthly free Games with Gold offering, marking a significant change in Microsoft's strategy. Rather than providing select free games, the tech giant seems to be leaning towards delivering broader access to a curated library.

While the information leak might have disrupted Microsoft's original announcement plans, it has undeniably stirred anticipation among Xbox gamers. The excitement generated is a testament to the potential of Game Pass Core and its prospects in enhancing the gaming experience.

Despite the unplanned nature of the reveal, the introduction of Game Pass Core signals a transformative shift in console gaming, where gamers get access to a rich array of games and online multiplayer for the same price as the outgoing Xbox Live Gold. The true impact of this shift and the reception of Game Pass Core by the gaming community will become clearer once the service officially launches on September 1st.


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Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.
Jul 17, 2023


I like GWG as is. Game Pass is essentially Netflix for gamers (with a pretty standard/garden variety selection of games), whereas GWG leans towards lesser known or at least not as "mainstream" games that you might be less inclined to play or pick up. I prefer the oddball offerings to overhyped/recycled multiplayer slogs that every other AAA game is nowadays.

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