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Microsoft Is No Longer Making Games For Xbox One

Microsoft Is No Longer Making Games For Xbox One
Goodbye old friend. We hardly knew ye.

It's the end of an era for the Xbox One as Microsoft confirms its retirement from the first-party games scene. Microsoft is no longer making games for Xbox One. In a recent interview with Axios, Matt Booty, the chief of Xbox Game Studios, affirmed that the tech giant is now concentrating its efforts on the next-generation Xbox Series X/S consoles. It's a sign of the times as the gaming industry inches towards an inevitable future, marking the end of a longer-than-usual transitional phase for the older generation console.

When it was launched back in November 2013, the Xbox One's entry into the console market was far from smooth. With its high price tag, an initial lack of games, controversial always-online requirement, and questionable emphasis on Kinect motion controls and TV watching, it struggled to find its footing. These issues, coupled with the console's bulky size, made it an easy target for jokes within the gaming community.

However, the tide turned favorably for Xbox One, courtesy of Microsoft's Game Pass subscription service and the release of the more potent Xbox One X. The console started to resonate with players, despite never truly rivalging Sony's PlayStation 4 in sales, which nearly doubled that of the Xbox One.

In that revealing conversation with Axios, Matt Booty was asked about the lack of Xbox One games during their recent showcase. Booty candidly admitted, "We've moved on to gen 9." He elaborated that no internal teams at Xbox Game Studios are actively creating new games for the Xbox One. This clarification quashes any lingering hope for the release of long-in-development games for the console in the future.

However, this isn't to say that Microsoft is entirely turning its back on Xbox One and its dedicated players. Booty reassured that existing games on Xbox One, like the ever-popular 'Minecraft,' would continue receiving updates and fresh content from some internal teams. As for future first-party titles such as the upcoming Halo or Gears, they won't be hitting the Xbox One.

Nevertheless, Microsoft isn't leaving Xbox One owners out in the cold. Xbox Series X/S games will be playable on the older console through streaming, offering a lifeline for continued support. As Booty stated, "That's how we're going to maintain support."

With this shift, the Xbox One finally steps out of the limelight nearly ten years after its debut, leaving a legacy of transformation and endurance. Now, Microsoft's sights are set firmly on the horizon as they prepare to make waves with their next-generation consoles.


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Jason Rushing
Jason Rushing
Jun 22, 2023

I was happy to go with XB1 this last gen. I went ps3 and vita and honestly after what Sony did to the vita it left me not wanting to ever buy a sony device again regardless of the exclusives it had and either way I have always been more of a PC guy at least in the last 20 years. To each their own and when I wasnt playing some pc game I was on the xbox 1 or WiiU and I never felt I missed out.


If only Nintendo had half of Microsoft's good sense. 🙄

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