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Microsoft Revamps Xbox Game Pass with New Pricing and Tiers

Starting in September 2024, Microsoft will introduce some seriously significant changes to Xbox Game Pass. The existing Console version will close to new users but remain available to current subscribers. A new "Standard" tier, priced at $14.99 monthly, will replace it, offering the Xbox back catalogue and Xbox Live Gold but excluding day one game releases and cloud gaming. Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will see a price increase to $19.99, continuing to include all current benefits. PC Game Pass will also increase to $11.99. The price changes are global, with provisions for those with prepaid plans.

In a move that's hitting the gaming community like a wrecking ball, Microsoft has announced a significant price hike for its Xbox Game Pass subscriptions. The new pricing structure sees the Game Pass Ultimate now costing $19.99 per month, a $3 jump from its previous rate of 16.99. Similarly, a yearly subscription to the Game Pass Core has been bumped to $74.99, and the PC Game Pass will now run gamers $11.99 monthly.

This decision appears on the surface to be a risky gamble by Microsoft to capitalize on the platform's growing age... and based off the current landscape of gaming, it also risks alienating a loyal user base that might not appreciate such steep increases without concurrent enhancements in service or game offerings. The lower prices a few years ago now kinda feel like an attempt to hook gamers with an essential service, only to jack up the prices later—a strategy that could backfire spectacularly. It's still an insane deal for what is offered in total, but compared to gaming on PC with no cost for online gaming, it pales...

This could EVENTUALLY lead to customer pushback ...and may even tarnish Xbox's reputation more than it already is. If the move leads to a drop in subscriptions, Microsoft execs will likely face tough questions. I hope they don't act confused if and/or when that day happens.

The price hike might look like a straightforward business decision from a revenue perspective, but from a customer loyalty and brand trust standpoint, it could be seen as short-sighted and potentially damaging. Reacting to these changes, it'll be crucial for Microsoft to navigate the fallout carefully to avoid a "crash and burn" scenario that could impact broader corporate objectives.

For more detailed information on the new pricing, you can visit the official Xbox Game Pass announcement page.


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It's probably better for peoples t own their own media and games, that way you don't have to pay Microsoft anything at all


It's the same for all subscription services, first 5 years are growth focused and they offer us cheap deals, 80% of the people who would ever sign up, do, then spend the next 5 years trying to extract every pence off the people who play or can't be bothered to cancel.

In my opinion, people need to own the product they buy, I bough home media movies about 5-6 years ago for £2-3 each and TV seasons for £4-5, now if I want to watch these movies or TV, I have to pay £15-20/month, I have got my money's worth many times over simply by paying a little more upfront but having a huge catalogue I can watch whenever I…

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Geez man... Guess I'll just stick to PC and Nin as long as Nin stays cheap for their core. And honestly I only play one game multiplayer on Switch and Ill play through a classic game from time to time.

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