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More Proof Jirard the Completionist is a Pathelogical Liar

In the realm of digital media, where information travels at the speed of light, the impact of influencers and public figures is immense. Their words and actions can inspire, mobilize, and bring about change. This is especially true in the context of charitable activities, where influencers often play a pivotal role in raising awareness and funds for various causes. However, with great influence comes great responsibility, particularly the responsibility to be truthful.

Jirard Khalil, also known as The Completionist, has often engaged in charitable activities, claiming to raising substantial funds for noble causes. For instance, Khalil has mentioned raising significant amounts for charities like Doctors Without Borders and the American Heart Association. Such endeavors not only highlight the power of influence but also underscore the importance of transparency and honesty in these claims. The problem is, with the latest information from Karl Jobst and Mutahar from some ordinary gamers on YouTube, it calls everything he's ever done in regards to charitable work into question.

Transparency in Charity:

When it comes to charity, transparency is key. Donors and supporters often respond to the trust they place in the influencer's words. Misrepresentation or lack of clarity about such charitable endeavors can lead to skepticism and a loss of trust, not just in the individual influencer but in the very act of charity itself. Therefore, it's crucial for public figures to provide evidence or receipts when claiming substantial charitable contributions.

The Ripple Effect of Misinformation:

In the digital age, misinformation or unverified claims can spread rapidly, leading to a range of consequences. In the context of charity, this could mean a reduction in donations or support for worthy causes, as public trust diminishes. It’s vital for influencers to recognize their role in maintaining the integrity of charitable activities. Jirard claiming to have donated millions of dollars over the years to various charities sure sounds great, but after the donations from the Open Hand Foundation never went anywhere, how can anyone believe anything he says?

Best Practices for Influencers:

To maintain trust, influencers engaging in charitable activities should:

1. Be transparent about the amounts raised and the distribution of funds.

2. Provide regular updates on the impact of the donations.

3. Collaborate with reputable organizations to ensure credibility.

Just simply saying you've donated millions to various causes doesn't cut it, it also implies you have more reach than you actually do.

Honesty and transparency are not just moral obligations but are essential for maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of charitable endeavors in the digital age. Influencers like Jirard Khalil have the unique opportunity to lead by example, showing that truthfulness strengthens the impact of their charitable work. As viewers, supporters, or fellow content creators, we should encourage and uphold these standards, ensuring that the spirit of charity remains untainted and powerful. Hopefully, this Jirard situation hasn't completely destroyed the faith in donations.


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Why are we still, in 2023, trying to donate funds through unvetted content creators on YT? Most organizations (like the ones listed here) already provide easy and secure giving options that in no way, shape, or form necessitate the "help" of shady "influencer" intermediaries. The amount of trust folks put (gamers especially) in these online God-knows-whos is astounding.

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