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Nintendo Hacker Sentenced to an INSANE Lifetime of Debt

Hacker Gary Bowser's Punishment Far From Over...

In February 2022, Gary Bowser (Yes, the last name irony isn't lost on me), a member of the infamous hacking operation Team Xecuter, was sentenced to 40 months in prison for his role in running a business that brought in over $300,000 in revenue. While Bowser has since been convicted, served his time, and is on the verge of being released, the consequences of his actions will continue to affect him for the rest of his life.

NickMoses 05 interviewed Bowser (via: TorrentFreak) to discuss the events surrounding his imprisonment and impending freedom in the following video:

At the time of his sentencing, Bowser was ordered to pay Nintendo a staggering $10 million in damages. He claims that an additional $4.5 million will not have to be paid back, as he will be residing in Canada, not the United States. However, the remaining amount is so immense that Bowser is unlikely to ever be able to fully repay it regardless.

As part of the arrangement, Bowser has agreed to relinquish 25-30% of his "monthly gross income" to Nintendo for the rest of his working life. This process began while he was still in prison. Like some American inmates, Bowser was able to work jobs for minimal pay while behind bars. During his time at the SeaTac Federal Detention Center in Washington, he managed to pay back $25 a month. This totaled a mere $175 over the course of his incarceration.

Gary Bowser sporting that stylish Prison-Orange, prior to his release

Given the astronomical sum that Bowser owes, his debt to Nintendo will be a burden carried for the rest of his life. Clearly, Nintendo hopes that these severe consequences of his actions serve as a warning to others who may be tempted to engage in similar hacking activities.

Despite the considerable setbacks he now faces, Bowser's case has, once again, sparked a debate about the fairness of such punitive measures.

Some could argue that the crushing financial burden imposed on Bowser is disproportionate to the crime he committed. Others could see the punishment as fitting, given the impact that hacking operations like Team Xecuter can have on companies like Nintendo and their financials.

Regardless of anyone's stance on the matter, it's undeniable that Gary Bowser's life has been irrevocably changed by his involvement. As he prepares to re-enter society, he faces an uncertain future, with the weight of his debt to Nintendo serving as a constant reminder of the consequences of his past choices. Doesn't sound like a fun time... But man, at the end of the day, this kinda feels like a Behemoth beast squashing a single ant.


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