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Nintendo President Refutes Switch 2 Rumors

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Nintendo's Furukawa Refutes Switch 2 Developer Briefings and Multi-Screen Patent Speculations

Nintendo President Refutes Switch 2 Rumors
Nintendo's Furukawa Refutes Switch 2 Developer Briefings and Multi-Screen Patent Speculations - Image Credit: Time

Nintendo President Refutes Switch 2 Rumors

In the swirling sea of speculation about the future of Nintendo's hardware, President Shuntaro Furukawa has firmly denied that the company briefed developers on a so-called "Switch 2," and he has also refuted the significance of a recently uncovered multi-screen patent. This statement comes as a direct contradiction to earlier reports from Eurogamer and Video Games Chronicle (VGC), which cited sources claiming insider knowledge of Nintendo's plans.

However, in a private earnings call reported by Japan's Mainichi newspaper, Furukawa labeled these reports as "inaccurate."

Nintendo President Refutes Switch 2 Rumors
Patents rarely come to fruition the way you expect anyways..

The notion of a multi-screen handheld device, spurred by a Nintendo patent application, has also been downplayed by Furukawa. He indicated that the details within the patent do not necessarily correlate to a new product in development, calming the waters of speculation about an imminent dual-screened device (not that anyone thought that it was legitimately the direction Nintendo was going to be taking the Switch 2 anyways...).

While Nintendo traditionally stays silent on rumors, it's notable when the company takes a stand, especially considering it has previously denied reports that were later confirmed. For instance, prior to the official announcement of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Switch OLED bundle, Nintendo remained mum despite widespread conjecture.

Further fueling the conversation, many have stated that development kits for a new Switch model have been sent to select partners, with whispers of a launch as soon as the second half of 2024. Dr. Serkan Toto, a reputable industry consultant based in Tokyo, suggested that given the projected decline in hardware and software sales for the current Switch model, a new hardware launch within the next two years would be a logical move for the gaming giant.

As the industry awaits Nintendo's next steps, the company has something to celebrate with the Switch surpassing 132 million units in lifetime sales, a figure that reflects its enduring popularity. While Nintendo's official stance on the next console remains a mystery, this denial might just be another instance of the company's tight-lipped approach to unreleased products... Because let's be honest - The Nintendo Switch 2 is already the industry's worst-kept secret.



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