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Nintendo Switch 2 Details Leaked By Bloomberg

As the gaming world eagerly anticipates Nintendo's next big release, the successor to the Nintendo Switch, recent reports have sparked a blend of excitement and skepticism among fans. The new console, rumored to feature an 8-inch LCD screen and slated for release this year, represents a curious mix of advancement and cost-saving measures.

Drawing from a Bloomberg report, Japan-based Omida analyst Hiroshi Hayase suggests a significant increase in 'amusement displays' production in 2024, primarily attributed to this new Nintendo console. Hayase's expertise in the display industry adds credibility to this claim, but it also raises questions about Nintendo's strategic choices.

The proposed 8-inch screen size of the new console would surpass the current Nintendo Switch models—the standard Switch with a 6.2-inch LCD screen, the Switch OLED with a 7-inch OLED screen, and the smaller 5.5-inch screen of the Switch Lite. However, the decision to use an LCD screen in the new model, instead of continuing with the OLED technology used in the latest Switch model, is somewhat perplexing.

While LCD technology offers cost benefits and could be a strategic move to keep the new console affordable, it's hard not to feel that this is a step backward, especially following the Switch OLED's impressive display. For enthusiasts like myself, who have experienced the vibrant colors and deeper blacks of the OLED screen, the shift to LCD feels like a compromise on quality in favor of cost-effectiveness. It's a move that, while understandable from a business perspective, might leave fans longing for the superior visual experience OLED screens offer.

Insider reports, including those from last summer, indicate that development kits for the 'Switch 2' are already with key partner studios, aiming for a late 2024 release. Sources suggest the LCD screen choice is likely a cost-saving measure, considering the need for enhanced storage for higher-quality games.

Dr. Serkan Toto of Kantan Games predicts a $400 launch price for the new console, $100 more than the original Switch, with game prices potentially aligning with the $70 standard of PS5 and Xbox Series X titles. This pricing strategy hints at Nintendo's effort to balance affordability with the rising costs of advanced gaming technology.

As a gaming enthusiast and someone who values technological advancements, the choice of an LCD screen over OLED in Nintendo's next console feels like a mixed bag. While it potentially makes the new console more accessible price-wise, it also suggests a willingness to compromise on the immersive visual experience that OLED technology offers. As we await an official announcement from Nintendo, the gaming community remains hopeful yet cautious, wondering whether the new console will truly be a leap forward or a calculated step back. Not gonna lie though... This seems a bit disappointing at first glance.



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