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Nintendo Wins Lawsuit Against Dstorage ROM Website

Dstorage has been ordered to pay €467,750 in compensation and legal fees, but has the option to appeal the decision.

Nintendo has secured a significant victory in its ongoing battle against video game piracy, as the Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of the gaming giant in a legal dispute against Dstorage.

According to a report by, the court ordered Dstorage, the company behind the file-hosting website, to pay €442,750 in compensation and an additional €25,000 in legal fees to Nintendo. Dstorage has the option to appeal the decision.

The case emerged after Nintendo demanded that Dstorage take down unauthorized copies of its games stored on When Dstorage failed to comply with the request, Nintendo pursued legal action. The Paris Judicial Court initially sided with Nintendo in May 2021, and the recent ruling by the Court of Appeals reaffirmed this decision.

In a statement released by Nintendo, the court found Dstorage liable for not removing or blocking access to pirated copies of Nintendo games distributed via The platform holder had previously requested Dstorage to remove any unauthorized Nintendo games from its site, but the company did not take the necessary actions.

If Dstorage chooses to appeal, the case could go to a higher court, where the company would have the opportunity to present its arguments and possibly overturn the Court of Appeals' decision. However, it is uncertain at this time whether Dstorage will choose to exercise this option.

Nintendo's legal victory highlights the company's continued efforts to protect its intellectual property and curb piracy. As a platform holder, it is essential for Nintendo to ensure that its games are not distributed illegally, as this can result in significant financial losses and damage to its reputation.

But from a personal standpoint, if Nintendo is not actively making retro games available to customers via a legal means, there is an argument to be made for old games not causing financial harm.

In the meantime, the gaming community will be watching closely to see how this case unfolds and whether Dstorage decides to appeal the ruling. The outcome of this dispute could have lasting implications for the broader gaming industry, setting a precedent for future cases involving piracy and the responsibility of file-hosting websites.


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