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NintendoLife Editor Pushes Trans Narrative To Groom Children

Oh the tangled webs we weave...

Alana Hagues has been a relatively unremarkable editor during their time as a Deputy Editor at Nintendo Life, writing such game guides as "GUIDE Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door: How To Defeat Whacka", and more.

It all came to an abrupt halt with a major 'mask slip' moment. Alana outed themself, whether by choice, or by accidental slipup. In their rush to cobble together a story about how Vivian being trans is a great thing for gaming and how gaming needs more of this, they seemingly forgot that games like this and the intended target audience (as much as some of these grown-ass writers may think otherwise) are made overwhelmingly for children, as early as 8-10 years old, when they are just beginning to understand sexuality, or plant a seed in their mind before they even begin getting to that point.

I'm not going to even try to dive into the minefield of whether or not Alana is a dude in a dress cosplaying, or an actual female woman... But I do find it interesting that more often than not, when this type of situation comes up, there is usually a question about their sexuality behind the scenes.

For too long society has given the 'benefit of the doubt' to this type of person. Someone who pushes an agenda and encourages manipulating mindsets to create more people like them. It's a sick, twisted thought process that only the most nefarious of people would dare dive into. As a father of two, protecting my kids from this kind of mental illness virus is above all else.

We are pushing back, and we are winning.

No longer can 'trans-activists' hide behind the guise of LGBQT+ shield protection. They are no longer allowed to spew this gross shit without being questioned. We have seen the manipulation begin to enter the schools, movies, and gaming, and so many other places where the kids hang out. This is beyond unacceptable ...but the tide is turning. Sanity is making a valiant comeback and the harsh reality of logic is a rising tsunami.

I used to be against "gate-keeping", thinking that gaming is for everyone and it's not hurting anyone by letting this type of person into our space, but no. Time and time again, I've learned that folks like Alana Hagues are the bane of "journalistic" integrity. They care not for pushing the industry forward, but instead, holding it back, for 'representation' of themselves and to create more like-minded people via manipulation by any means possible. Schools, movies, and now video games.

The gaming community at large ain't having it anymore, and I for one, am a proud gatekeeper for this nonsense to stop. Protecting the children is worth fighting for, and always will be, no matter how much the 'other' side tries to manipulate that and say otherwise.


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Demonic and sick.


PDF files have got to go.


Believe the sicko groomers when they say they're coming for you kids.

They are.

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