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PS5 Pro In 2024, Analysts Predict

Sony Set to Elevate Gaming Experience with PS5 Pro Launch in 2024, Analysts Predict

Sony is expected to make significant waves this year by launching the PlayStation 5 Pro, a move that could redefine gaming standards... again. This development, first reported by CNBC, comes at a time when the gaming giant is navigating through a complex landscape of challenges and opportunities.

Analysts have shared with CNBC that Sony is "likely" to unveil a refreshed version of its flagship console, the PlayStation 5, in the latter half of this year. This strategic move is seen as a response to Sony's revised sales forecast and an effort to inject new energy into the PlayStation ecosystem. The PlayStation 5 Pro is not just another iteration; it would represent a crucial step forward, offering enhanced performance capabilities and a proprietary DLSS-like solution, promising to elevate the gaming experience to unprecedented levels by using artificial intelligence. DLSS, which stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling, is a groundbreaking technology originally developed by NVIDIA. It's designed to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce images that look like they're at a higher resolution without the heavy computational load that would normally be required. This allows for smoother and more visually appealing gaming experiences at higher frame rates, even on less powerful hardware. In the context of the PlayStation 5 Pro, a proprietary DLSS-like solution would mean that Sony is developing its own version of this technology tailored specifically for its new console.

Serkan Toto, CEO of Tokyo-based games consultancy Kantan Games, highlighted the industry's consensus regarding Sony's plans.

"There seems to be a broad consensus in the game industry that Sony is indeed preparing a launch of a PS5 Pro in the second half of 2024"

Toto remarked to CNBC. He further emphasized the strategic timing of this launch, aligning with the anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto VI in 2025, a title expected to rejuvenate the gaming industry significantly.

The discourse around the PS5 Pro comes at a time when Sony faces a fluctuating market environment. Recently, the company adjusted its PlayStation console shipment goals, attributing the revision to a variety of factors, including a significant valuation drop.

Analysts, including George Jijiashvili of Omdia, suggest that this could mean Sony might maintain the current PS5 pricing upon the Pro version's release, deviating from past trends of price reductions following new model launches.

This scenario underscores the broader challenges within the gaming industry that I discussed yesterday, with dwindling profit margins and where innovation and financial dynamics intersect.

Sony's efforts to balance these aspects, particularly with the PS5 Pro's introduction, underscore a commitment to maintaining its leadership position. The implications of this launch extend beyond just hardware upgrades. It's about setting a new standard for immersive gaming experiences, reinforcing Sony's legacy in a highly competitive landscape.

The potential introduction of the PS5 Pro by Sony is more than just an upgrade—it's a statement of intent. With industry analysts pointing towards a late 2024 release, Sony appears poised to not only capitalize on the next big wave in gaming, but also navigate the complexities of market dynamics with a strategic blend of innovation and foresight... Before even the Nintendo Switch 2 comes out.

Credit to CNBC for providing insights and statements from industry analysts that form the basis of this report. ~Smash

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