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Raf Grassetti Teams Up With Netflix For AAA Game Development

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Introducing the Raf Grassetti Netflix Game Development team!

Acclaimed digital and traditional artist Raf Grassetti has revealed an exciting new partnership with streaming giant Netflix, in which they aim to develop an original AAA video game. Grassetti, who boasts a seventeen-year-long career in the entertainment industry, is one of the leading digital sculptors worldwide, having been instrumental in shaping some of the most successful global franchises.

Grassetti's journey started in traditional sculpting before he shifted his focus to digital art, drawn to its ability to capture his subjects in an everlasting digital form. His transition into the digital sphere has not just been successful but phenomenal. Grassetti made waves in the digital art space with his high-profile sales and was listed among the top-selling artists in Christie's "Proof of Sovereignty" Auction and Sotheby's "Contemporary Curated" Auction.

Currently, Grassetti is residing in Los Angeles, California. Besides developing his personal art projects and planning exhibition/gallery work, he is serving as an Art Director at Sony Santa Monica’s renowned God of War franchise.

"I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined Netflix to develop a new original IP AAA game. I’m really excited to build a team and to work with the amazing Joseph Staten, Jerry Edsall, and Chacko Sonny to bring a new world to life"

- Raf Grassetti via Twitter

Joseph Staten is an industry stalwart best known for his key role in developing the iconic Halo series. His contributions as a writer and cinematic director helped shape the narratives of Bungie’s blockbuster franchise, making him a cornerstone of modern game storytelling. With Staten on board, this new venture is guaranteed to be imbued with the same narrative richness and complexity that characterizes his previous work.

Jerry Edsall is a revered name in the world of game design, having amassed a wealth of experience over his illustrious career. Edsall has been a central figure in the development of globally successful franchises, including Call of Duty, where he served as Senior Game Designer. His exceptional talent for devising engaging game mechanics and innovative design solutions will no doubt be crucial to the success of the upcoming project with Netflix and Grassetti.

Chacko Sonny, another seasoned professional, brings to the table a remarkable record of accomplishment in game production. Sonny has held leadership positions at some of the industry's leading companies, including Blizzard Entertainment, where he was involved in the production of the acclaimed Overwatch. His deep understanding of the nuances of game production, along with his strategic planning skills, will undoubtedly provide invaluable guidance as Netflix navigates the development of its new AAA title.

These new roles at Netflix are sure to leverage extensive experience and distinctive creative flair, and industry watchers are keen to see how this new venture shapes up. With the promise of a new AAA game under the leadership of Grassetti and the support of his talented colleagues, the gaming world eagerly anticipates what this dynamic team will bring to life.

~ Smash

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