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Sea Of Stars Review Roundup

Upon its much-anticipated release, Sea of Stars, developed by Sabotage Studio, has garnered critical acclaim across the board. The studio, which previously delighted audiences with The Messenger (my review of that incredible gem of a game is HERE), has successfully ventured from 2D Metroidvania to the realm of turn-based RPGs, and the results are nothing short of stellar.

Sea Of Stars Review Roundup
Nostalgic dragon vibes FTW

Sea Of Stars Review Roundup

Here's a roundup of what critics are saying:

  • Prima Games (10/10): "When Sea of Stars was first revealed, I was immediately captivated, having grown up with Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. Rarely has a game engrossed me so intensely; it was impossible to put down."

  • Dexerto (10/10): "Sabotage Studio has carved its mark on the JRPG genre. Sea of Stars isn't just an homage; it's a modern classic that's arisen from the studio's brilliant innovations."

  • But Why Tho? (10/10): "In a season dominated by RPGs like Final Fantasy XVI and Baldur’s Gate 3, Sea of Stars emerges as the perfect, retro-styled dessert to this grand feast."

  • Siliconera (10/10): "The full version of Sea of Stars took me by surprise. Far surpassing its demo, it ranks among the best games I've ever played."

  • Game Informer (9/10): "Sea of Stars reminds me of a genre film masterfully executed by a skilled director. Its familiar feel only added to my immersion, making it a world I was reluctant to leave."

  • PCGames (9/10): "As an avid Chrono Trigger enthusiast, Sea of Stars quickly dispelled my initial skepticism, proving that it stands apart from its inspirations while also paying due homage."

  • Digital Trends (4/5): "Sabotage Studios has successfully blended elements from iconic RPGs to create Sea of Stars, ensuring every battle is thrilling with diverse enemies and an intricate combat system."

  • Nintendo Life (9/10): "Sea of Stars is a sensational achievement for Sabotage. The studio is two for two in providing impressively designed and genuinely innovative takes on classic genres. Some pacing issues aside, the complex narrative, deep and strategic combat, thoughtful level design, and fantastic visuals and music all combine to make this one of the easiest recommendations we can make. If you consider yourself a fan of old-school RPGs, you must play Sea of Stars."

On Metacritic, Sea Of Stars boasts an impressive score of 93, based on six reviews so far on PS5. The PC version, drawing from 13 reviews, holds a score of 89. The game has also made its way to other platforms, including the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X, with more reviews pouring in. As a bonus, Xbox Game Pass users can dive into the game from day one, while PlayStation Plus members have access on the Extra and Premium tiers.

Sea Of Stars Review Roundup
A new classic?

Given the universal acclaim and the passion evident in each review, Sea of Stars promises to be a gem in the ever-expanding universe of indie games. Seeing as Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana are two of my all-time favorite games, it feels like this game was made for folks like me and I can't WAIT to dive in! ~Smash

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