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Smash JT SDCC 2019 Mega Thread!

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Hey SMASHERS! If you haven't had the pleasure of attending the San Diego Comic Con yet, it is an absolute MUST bucket list-type agenda item everyone needs to make come to fruition at least once in their lifetime. The following article will be updated as more videos are created. This is the official Smash JT thread for all things San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2019, so bookmark and come back often!

Convention Center Showroom Floor

For an idea of what it was like on the MASSIVE Showroom floor at the San Diego Convention Center, take a walk with me as I live streamed the experience while taking it all in!

Nintendo Lounge At The Marriott - SDCC2019

Have you ever wanted a virtual video vlog on the experience attending the Nintendo Lounge? The line to get in here was past 4.5 hours, but thanks to the Smash JT PRESS PASS, I was able to skip the line, and now by watching this video, so can you!

Epic Haul - Over $500.00 Worth of FREE Swag From The Con!

What good is a con without the epic swag? This year was even more over the top than recent SDCC's, mostly thanks to the generosity of Nintendo, Sugarfina, and Hangrees (among MANY others). Check out some of the wild items received while traversing the battlefield!

Sugarfina Joins Forces with Nintendo Creating EPIC Gamer Candy

Know a gamer who's a retro enthusiast and already has EVERYTHING!? This may just be the perfect gift for them. While initially it may seem a bit pricey, the value truly shows through when you open up the NES Candy Box console. Check it out!

Net Catcher Netch is Weird... And Amazing!

Come take a look at the weirdest (and most intriguing game) for the Nintendo Switch right now: Net Catcher Netch!

That's all for now, but more will be coming very soon, so subscribe to Smash JT on Youtube and hit that bell for notifications to ensure you never miss a beat!


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Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.
Jul 30, 2019

Good idea to keep all the SDCC 2019 content together in one thread. Definitely easier for reference. Of course, I've been keeping up with (and commenting!) on all the new vids at your SmashJT channel. Not that your content isn't always good, but you've been cranking out some awesome stuff from your trip to SDCC this year. I almost feel I was right there in San Diego myself. ;D

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