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Sony Forces Gaming Heads To DESTROY Already Sold PlayStation Statues

Sony Forces Gaming Heads To DESTROY Already Sold PlayStation Statues
Ellie, alongside many gamers... are PISSED

A wave of conflict is sweeping over the gaming merchandise landscape, as Gaming Heads, a well-known manufacturer of video game statues, publicly declares that Sony has commanded the obliteration of all PlayStation-themed merchandise. The statues and busts in question span various popular game titles such as The Last of Us Part II and God of War, and the dispute is stirring turmoil amongst pre-order customers and fans.


Gaming Heads has enjoyed a decade-long relationship with Sony, collaborating to create iconic collectibles based on PlayStation games. However, a recent, publicly aired ‘open letter’ has revealed that Sony purportedly enforced the destruction of both in-stock and pre-ordered items, causing a ripple of discontent amongst collectors and customers.

Gaming Heads' Stand:

Gaming Heads has expressed its frustrations and disappointments in a statement, quoting Sony as saying ‘our business priorities remain unchanged’.

Sony Forces Gaming Heads To DESTROY Already Sold PlayStation Statues
The letter, in full

According to Gaming Heads, Sony’s decision to halt shipments and destroy paid merchandise contradicts the brand’s former tagline, ‘for the players’. Gaming Heads accuses Sony of turning its back on the collective community, who often spend more on PlayStation merchandise than on the consoles themselves. In its public statements, Gaming Heads argues that Sony, having received royalty payments, should bear the responsibility of rectifying the situation, implicitly pushing for Sony to reconsider its decision.

Consumer Outrage:

This controversial move has drawn the ire of the customers, with many directing their frustrations at Gaming Heads for redirecting them to Sony for refunds. Consumers argue that their transactions were with Gaming Heads, and it should be the company to refund the money paid for the unfulfilled products.

The apparent deflection of responsibility by Gaming Heads has exacerbated the tensions, with some accusing the statue maker of attempting to exploit the situation for a tax write-off, urging fellow customers to file chargebacks to secure refunds. The overall atmosphere is imbued with confusion and cynicism as customers grapple with the back-and-forth between Gaming Heads and Sony.

Unanswered Questions:

At this juncture, Sony has yet to publicly present its side of the story, leaving many questions unanswered about the motivations and reasons behind ending such a partnership. It remains unclear why Sony would make such a decision that apparently disadvantages the fans and customers who have supported PlayStation and related merchandise.

I've reached out to Judy with the following email and will update when (and if) she responds:

Sony Forces Gaming Heads To DESTROY Already Sold PlayStation Statues
My email to Judy for some clarification

The ongoing debacle between Gaming Heads and Sony puts a spotlight on the intricate dynamics between licensers and manufacturers within the gaming industry. The unrest amongst consumers points to the importance of clear communication and responsibility between companies and their customers. As we await a response or resolution from Sony, the gaming community watches, hopes, and speculates, eager for clarity and closure on this complex situation.

The ramifications of such corporate decisions extend beyond the immediate parties involved, impacting the loyal customer base and reshaping perceptions within the wider gaming community. On the surface, this seems like a horrific move by Sony.


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Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.
Sep 27, 2023


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