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Bethesda - Starfield Blasts Off With Over 6,000,000 Players

Starfield Blasts Off With Over 6,000,000 Players
Not a bad "launch"

Starfield Blasts Off With Over 6,000,000 Players

Hold onto your space helmets, folks! Bethesda's latest space RPG, Starfield, is not just making waves; it's causing a cosmic storm. Announced on our good ol' friend X (you might remember it as Twitter), Starfield's player numbers rocketed past the whopping 6 MILLION mark earlier today. Talk about star power!

But here's the cherry on top: This makes Starfield Bethesda's most explosive launch yet. For a brand-new game that's just stepping into the limelight, that's pretty crazy.

And the buzz doesn't stop there. Just 24 hours ago, news broke out that a staggering 1 million players were all diving into Starfield's universe at the same time. If this isn't a sign of a game being a massive hit, I don't know what is.

If you're itching to see what the fuss is all about, Starfield's waiting for you on Xbox Series X|S and PC, available through Steam and the Windows Store. Oh, and a quick shoutout to Microsoft's Game Pass - as it clearly gave Starfield an extra boost, bringing it front and center to countless eager gamers.

In a nutshell? Starfield's launch is like a supernova in the gaming universe, and we're all here for its radiant glow. Way to go, Bethesda! 🌟🚀

This, along with Sea of Stars, has been a crazy launch month. Hopefully, this pushes more developers to create new IPs and experiences.



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