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Starfield Storage Size Unveiled and YIKES

It's... Big.

Starfield Storage Size Unveiled and YIKES
You'll need a hard drive the size of this planet.

The excitement of a forthcoming release is something we're all familiar with. But along with it comes that pesky notification: "Storage space running out." Well, brace yourself, because Starfield is no exception. Coming in hot at a whopping 140GB, you might just need a moment to digest that.

Starfield, set to launch on September 6, has sparked tremendous excitement amongst the gaming community. This Xbox and PC-exclusive RPG promises a cosmic adventure beyond our wildest imaginations. With games like Skyrim and Fallout 4, Bethesda's expansive worlds left players in awe. But Starfield? It's on another level – promising a galaxy with an incredible 1,000 planets! This unprecedented expanse does come at a cost though, namely the disk space, making Starfield the heavyweight champion of storage requirements, with a PC install size of 139.84GB and 126.1GB for Xbox Series consoles.

Owners of the Xbox Series X, equipped with a one-terabyte SSD, might be slightly relieved. However, Starfield will still devour a sizable chunk, approximately a quarter, of the storage space on an Xbox Series S.

Eager to hop aboard this space odyssey? Xbox users, you're in luck! Preloading for Starfield begins on August 17. A touch more patience is required for PC gamers... who can start their preload journey on August 30.

But what is it that we're so eagerly waiting for? Starfield is not just any release from Bethesda; it's their first fresh IP in over ten years. The teasers and tidbits shared so far suggest an array of enticing features. Dream of owning an intergalactic apartment? It’s purchasable in Starfield. If you're leaning to the dark side, beware, as there's a prison awaiting your crimes. And if you thought the future would be devoid of philosophical bros, think again. There's an atheist faction ready to challenge your cosmic beliefs, even centuries into the future.

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Given the sheer size of the game on both Xbox and PC, it might be wise to start decluttering our digital closets. It's evident that Starfield's massive size will be the new trendsetter. Get ready, free up that space, and set your sights on the stars. Starfield is coming, and it’s bound to be an unforgettable journey!


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