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Sugarfina Makes SWEET Nintendo Deal!

San Diego Comic Con 2019 has come and gone, but not without its fair share of jaw dropping announcements. An incredible partnership between Sugarfina and Nintendo Has officially formed, and the results are as sweet as any retro game enthusiast could have ever dreamed.

As unlikely as it may be, Sugarfina, a luxury candy maker from Germany, has joined forces with the house of Mario to hone in on old school gamers.

According to Sugarfina‘s website,

Let’s-a go! Created exclusively in partnership with our friends at Nintendo®, these limited-edition Mario: Invincible Stars pay tribute to the pixel-perfect hero himself and the iconic stars that took him to the next level. Bursting with juicy pineapple flavor, these yummy gummies are just what you need to get your sweet game on.

While attending the Nintendo Lounge as a member of the SDCC Press, Smash JT was granted priority access to all areas of the game room, and even a few... extras. Sugarfina representatives discussed what the deal entails, how it all works, and even gave a large sample box including the Sugarfina NES Console, Sugarfina NES Controller, and a Sugarfina Mario Question Mark Box. Together, these items retail through Sugarfina for the MSRP of $57.50 (though there are a variety of purchase options and prices available through their website).

Sugarfina X Nintendo website:

But, it‘s not JUST candy.

The NES console opens up to a pop-up scene of showing the original Super Mario Bros. scene reminiscent of level 1-1 and also plays the music after pulling the flag down from finishing the level.

The candies slide out of the NES console from a drawer-like system and are encased in 3 individual boxes.

The presentation is only topped by the fantastic taste. The variety and flavors are a must for any hardcore retro Nintendo fan!

While some may scoff at the price, when taking into account all that comes with the package of candy, the value is certainly there, especially as a gift for that gamer who has everything!

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My bundle arrived in the mail yesterday and it is SWISH. Very high quality design and true to the original Super Mario Bros. for NES. Love the musical ditty that plays when you open the box. Candy's good too, I bet. (I'll know as soon as I can figure out how to open the cubes without destroying the artwork on the case. xDDDD)

If this does well, maybe they'll do other Nintendo properties in the future (like Zelda!!!!!)! ;D

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