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Super Mario Maker 2: Smash Course ID Megathread!

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Been having a blast playing through your levels and trying to get the best clear times. Super Mario Maker 2 on the Nintendo Switch is literally an endless amount of fun!

I’ll be posting some of my courses below for anyone interested in giving them a shot. Feel free to share your Maker ID or Course ID in the comments for me to add you and play yours as well!


Bomb Boss Bowser

Bomb Boss Bowser

Course ID: 1S9-T8V-0SF

Description: Three Bowsers surrounded by bob-ombs on shaky footing makes for a wild boss battle. There are plenty of secrets and ways to get by, but can you survive long enough?

Smash JT’s Secret Castle

Smash JT’s Secret Castle

Course ID: SST-GF8-MTG

Description: This one has two different routes. The one that is hidden can substantially cut the clear time down, but can you find it!?

Simply Smashing

Simply Smashing

Course ID: 7XM-01D-PMF

Description: I advise you hang on to items you don’t absolutely have to use... until you absolutely have to use them!

Smash JT

The Smash JT World Famous YouTube Logo!

Course ID: NJX-32V-WBG

This one is a bit intricate and took a while to throw together. Various paths to take and different approaches available. Some secrets sprinkled in for good measure. Really happy with how this one turned out!

That’s all for now, but this thread will continue to be updated with Smash JT level creations. Share yours below!

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Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.
10 jul 2019

Can't play the courses myself, JT, but I can tell (from the screenshot) you've put a lot of work and thought into your designs. (That's always intrigued me the most with MM, in my opinion, as I've never been much of a "creator" myself.) Hope you get a lot of hits and upvotes and continue to enjoy the game. :)

Me gusta

07 jul 2019

I'm down with this.

"Desert Coin Madness"

Course ID: YNC-3BT-8PF

Description: This is a challenge coarse where you have to collect all ten +30 big coin's to complete the level. I tried not to make it too hard, taking into account that you can't utilize checkpoints in challenge level's. Remember to explore your surroundings thoroughly.

"Flight of the Buzzy Beetle's"

Course ID: 8VD-7QJ-S3G

Description: Flying through the sky on the back of a Buzzy Beetle can be exhilarating! Can you manage to collect all three big coins? Remember to utilize Mario's twirl at the end of his jump in this one (NSMB U), it may just save your life.

Hope you all enjoy! I'll be working on some more stage…

Me gusta
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