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Surprise Zelda Remake Coming In 2023

Surprise Zelda Remake Coming In 2023
A Link to the Remake

Could a Surprise Zelda Remake Drop Before 2024? New Rumors Emerge

Despite Nintendo wrapping up its final Direct of 2023, it seems that the gaming giant may have another ace up its sleeve. A recent tweet (now deleted) by industry analyst Serkan Toto has fans buzzing with excitement about a possible Legend of Zelda remake before year's end.

The Analyst's Predictive Streak

Serkan Toto is no stranger to hinting at future Zelda releases. He accurately signaled the 2022 announcement for "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" back in 2021. Although that game was eventually delayed to 2023, his track record adds credibility to the current rumor. The tweet in question—simply "Z R 2023"—was posted on October 29, 2023, and could signify another timely prediction from the analyst.

Glimpses into the Future

Given that Nintendo's release schedule for the rest of 2023 seems fixed, Toto's tweet suggests the possibility of an extraordinary event. The anticipated Zelda remake could be unveiled through various channels, such as social media or potentially at The Game Awards in December. This has led fans to revisit older rumors about HD Switch ports for classics like "Twilight Princess" and "Wind Waker."

A Community Aflutter

The Legend of Zelda fanbase is abuzz with discussions about what this new development could entail. Speculations range from HD remakes of existing titles to even more ambitious projects like a completely new reimagining of iconic games within the Zelda universe.

The Takeaway

Although the details remain shrouded in mystery, Serkan Toto's tweet adds another layer of excitement to an already thrilling year for Nintendo enthusiasts. Whether it turns out to be an HD port of a classic or a full-blown remake, if Toto's past predictions are anything to go by, fans may have good reason to be optimistic.

In any case, with 2024 just around the corner, we might not have to wait long to see if this particular rumor turns into reality. So, keep your social media feeds and gaming consoles at the ready—Nintendo could drop another surprise any day now.


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Nintendo could release a Zelda toothbrush simulator and it would sell 10 million copies so I never understand thier reticence to release stuff

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