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The Legend of Super Mario Is a Wild NES Hack You Just Gotta See

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The Legend of Zelda Reimagined: When Mario Enters Hyrule

Mario Meets Zelda: A Delightful Collision of Worlds

We've seen crossovers, remakes, and reimaginations, but here's something refreshingly unique for retro game enthusiasts: The Legend of Zelda through the lens of a Mario-themed universe. For those who have often wondered, "What if Link was actually Mario?", there's finally an answer!

Pioneered by the talented ROM Hacker, NesDraug, who had previously mesmerized us with the Beatles-infused Super Mario Bros. 2 hack titled "Adventures in Pepperland", this new masterpiece is aptly called "The Legend of Super Mario." With this, he skillfully metamorphoses the iconic land of Hyrule into the familiar vistas of the Mushroom Kingdom, trading in the elven hero, Link, for everyone's beloved plumber, Mario.

Trading Triforces for Starmen

The Legend of Super Mario Is a Wild NES Hack You Just Gotta See
A lot of love went into this hack.

Instead of chasing after pieces of the Triforce, Mario is on a quest to gather the 8 Starmen of Power. As expected, the enemies and items are also rebranded with the Mario aesthetic. This means no more skirmishes with octoroks, moblins, or peahats. Instead, prepare yourself to tackle goombas, koopas, and snifits. Your mission? As always, it's to rescue Princess Peach, this time from the clutches of the menacing Bowser.

Diving Deeper into the Mario-Zelda World

The project page offers a detailed insight into this intriguing mesh of universes:

"Venture into the Mushroom Kingdom, now under the dark shadow of Bowser's tyranny. Princess Toadstool is captured, and hope seems lost. But fear not! Our heroic plumber, Mario, is on a mission to find all the Starmen, achieve his super form, and restore peace! As Mario delves deeper, he faces an onslaught of Goombas, Koopas, and a myriad of relentless beasts determined to hinder his quest for the 8 Starmen of Power. Time is ticking, and Princess Peach awaits her savior!"

One of the standout features of this ROM hack is the accompanying manual, a fantastic addition for players. This includes a comprehensive map of the revamped overworld and a detailed reference for all the transformed items and enemies. For collectors and enthusiasts, there's also a brilliantly designed Mario-centric version of the classic The Legend of Zelda box art.

The Legend of Super Mario Is a Wild NES Hack You Just Gotta See
They even did some boxart!

And if you're curious about how this plays out, the popular YouTuber, Brian's Man Cave, showcased this hack in action on his channel. It's a visual treat for anyone intrigued by this fusion of two iconic Nintendo realms.

Join the Adventure

The boundaries of creativity are being pushed, showcasing the endless possibilities when two worlds collide. To embark on this unique journey, you can download the patch here. Dive into the amalgamation of Mario and Zelda, and rediscover the magic of retro gaming!


Special thanks for the heads up on this to TimeExtension & Brian's Man Cave!

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