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Ubisoft Forward 2023: All the Highlights and BIG Reveals

Ubisoft Forward 2023: All the Highlights and BIG Reveals
Did Ubisoft Miss The Mark... Again?

Ubisoft's Summer Game Fest presentation, Ubisoft Forward 2023, set the gaming world alight on June 12th. The showcase offered an abundance of updates, announcements, and sneak peeks at some of the gaming giant's most anticipated titles.

Ubisoft Forward 2023 Has To Be a Home Run

Ubisoft's recent struggles have been widely noted within the gaming industry. The company has been mired in a series of unfortunate events, including widespread layoffs, subpar sales figures, and the cancellation of much-anticipated games. These setbacks have led to increasing pressure on the gaming titan to revive its fortunes and reassure stakeholders. The Ubisoft Forward 2023 event, therefore, represented more than just a showcase of its upcoming titles. It was also a critical juncture for the company to demonstrate its resilience and creative prowess amidst adversity. In this context, the impressive array of new games and updates, as well as the evident shift towards mobile and VR gaming, suggest that Ubisoft may indeed be poised to bounce back. Only time will tell if these announcements can translate into the commercial success needed to fully recover and reestablish Ubisoft as a leading player in the gaming world.

Prince of Persia

We got another look at the newly announced Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, promising a fresh adventure for fans of the iconic series. This time, an animated trailer with some intense action scenes, and the reactions online are extremely mixed. Many reacting and complaining of 'dreadlocks and rap music' not hitting the proverbial mark when it comes to representing Persians.

Assassin's Creed Mirage & More

Starting strong, Ubisoft provided a comprehensive look at the forthcoming Assassin’s Creed Mirage. The audience was treated to a new story trailer featuring the game's new protagonist, Basim, and his 9th-century exploration of Baghdad. A deep-dive gameplay demo showcased Mirage's return to the series' roots, emphasizing parkour, stealth, and, of course, assassinations. As a bonus, fans were introduced to Basim's avian companion, Enkidu.

Ubisoft Forward also offered fresh updates for other Assassin’s Creed ventures. Assassin’s Creed Nexus is set to bring the thrill of first-person assassinations to VR, set for a Holiday 2023 launch. Fans were also updated on the franchise's mobile spinoff, codenamed Jade, based in 3rd century-era China, with a unique twist – players will get to craft their own main character.

Skulls & Bones

Not gonna lie - I thought this was canceled last year... The oft-delayed Skulls & Bones finally saw some light with the announcement of a closed beta set for August. While no final release date was shared, the pirate-themed game made its presence felt with a nod to the sea shanty trend from 2020.

Star Wars: Outlaws

Star Wars enthusiasts were treated to an extensive 10-minute gameplay walkthrough for the newly announced Star Wars: Outlaws, which promises to be another exciting entry in the franchise.

...And Everything Else

Other big news included Ubisoft's venture into the mobile gaming space with The Division Resurgence, promising a "true MMO experience" set to hit smartphones this fall.

Ubisoft also tantalized fans with a sneak peek at the upcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. The action-adventure game, set to debut on December 7th, will allow players to explore the vibrant world of Pandora as a Na’vi, featuring skydiving, firearms, and a co-op story mode.

The presentation wasn't limited to game announcements, as Ubisoft surprised fans with news about Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, an animated Netflix series.

All in all, Ubisoft Forward 2023 was an eventful showcase, delivering thrilling announcements and updates for Ubisoft's roster of much-anticipated games. Gamers worldwide have plenty to look forward to in the coming months, but figuring out where to begin might prove the biggest challenge of all.


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